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Ihope you are good and coping well with your studies. For me am Idoing fine though I am still hung over the jazz combo concert that myfriends and I attended last weekend. Since you have never attendedone, I thought it is only prudent of me to share my experiences withyou in the hope that I will convince you to attend one concert withme in the near future.

Well,the concert that I attended was by Chicago Metro Combo held at Andy’sJazz Club in Chicago along the Hubbarb Street. The combo was aquintet that performed a set of several songs that had everyone atthe venue asking for more. The concert was aimed at setting thetransition from contemporary music to jazz. A number of popularcontemporary hits were performed as jazz versions and I must admitthat was genius of the group to say the least. The group explained tothe audiences the arrangements and essence of the renditions in whichsome new sounds were introduced. The idea was to accustomcontemporary music lovers to jazz music and help them develop an earand taste for jazz.

Onesong that real got me going was the Brazilian hit song “Ai se eu tepego” by Michel Telo. While this record is a crowd mover by its ownright, the jazz rendition is just out of this world. To start with,they just did the instrumentals alone which brought out the melodyclearly. However, it was even hard to tell that it was onlyinstrumentals as the audience sang the words out loudly. Again, theway that the band hit the notes through the saxophone was purelymagical. There was also creative use of the trombone which wassupported by the drummer who was having a really good night.

Towardsthe end of the performance, a number of popular jazz songs wereperformed. They started off with one of my favorite jazz songs “Bluesand the Abstract Truth” in which the drummer performed magically.The band alternated the tempo of the song with the drummerhighlighting the change in tempo and rhythm just to tease the crowd.I just thought that you would enjoy such compositions which reallyengage the audience. I could also not forget the performance of NorahJones’ “will you still love me tomorrow” which really got theaudience into a mellow mood with the vocals delivered by one of themost soothing voices I have ever heard in jazz. However, in the finalverses of the song, it was delivered as a duet with the drums andbass toned down.

Anotherhighlight of the performance was a solo performance of Celine Dion’s“my heart will go on.” It is through this song that I learned howsoloing over chord changes can be tricky for any musician. I observedthat the solo performer tended to play a set of chords but retainedthe same key for a prolonged period of time. Staying in one key andplaying the same scale over all chords is cited as a common mistakethat musicians make. However, I guess not many people could make noteof such an issue. In fact, many people were so engrossed in thememories that the song evokes as a theme song for the award winningfilm “Titanic.”

Allin all, this was one of my best jazz combo concerts. The fact that itwas delivered in an entertainment spot as opposed to performancehalls, which tend to be rather unaccommodating for fun seekers, madea huge difference. I hope that by now you can at least have an ideaof what jazz combo concerts are all about and that I have whettedyour appetite for jazz music and specifically combo concerts.