Introduction to Computing


Introductionto Computing

Simonite,T. (2015), IBMTests Mobile Computing Pioneer’s Controversial Brain Algorithms,Retrieved from


Thisarticle discusses the idea of making computers more intelligentthrough attempting to copy mechanisms from human beings.iThis idea is critical to organizations because it can help inenhancing the efficiency in making sense of raw data. For instance,the idea can aid in enhancing the efficiency of satellite imagery. Anissue that emerges with the use of the technology discussed in thisarticle is that organization using the technology may only getoversimplified data.ii

Lily,P. (2015), BillGates Reflects on 40 years of Microsoft, Says Computing will EvolveEven Faster in Next Decade,Retrieved from


Thisarticle focuses on the computing technology. According to thearticle, the computing technology has come to be experienced and itnears a point where robots can empower people.iiiThis technological idea is of help to an organization because it canaid in increasing the efficiency and accuracy of management issues.However, the idea may lead to the issue of organizations requiringmore resources in implementing the computing technology. Besides,regular back up of information is required.

Clabby,J. (2015), TheWay to greatly Reduce Cloud Computing Costs,Retrieved from


Thisarticle focuses on the use of multi-platform cloud environmentthrough offering the appropriate platform for every workload.ivThe issue of using multi-platform cloud environment by offering theright platform for every workload is of critical importance to anorganization because it helps in mitigating costs.vNevertheless, applying such an idea is required to have a goodfoundation of capital thus, this idea is only limited to a businessthat has good foundation of resources.

ClickGreen(2015), ThreeWays to Practice Green Computing,Retrieved from


Thearticle discusses of how businesses can practice green computing.According to this article, businesses can at individual levelpractice green computing through being aware of their machines,printing sparingly, and adjusting the background color of theirmonitors.viThrough this approach, businesses can help in keeping the environmentclean. The issue that emerges with the idea of green technology isthat the rising needs of businesses may hinder businesses frompracticing the technology, despite their willingness.

Cellan-Jones,R. (2014), AComputing Revolution in Schools,Retrieved from


Thisarticle describes the introduction of computing revolution in schoolsin England.viiThe revolution is a new way of teaching kids about computing. Theidea of introducing a new way of teaching kids about computing is ofcritical importance to businesses especially those dealing withcomputers and their accessories because they would be in a positionto grow their revenues since their customer base would increase.Besides, schools can use the technology in effectively carrying outtheir teaching since teaching methods would change. However, it is anissue to businesses because the introduction of computing in schoolsmay lead to an increase in environment pollution due to increase indisposals of unused computers a move that may lead to introductionof new policies that may affect businesses.

Bajarin,T. (2013), HowTablets Have Redefined the Rules of Personal Computing,Retrieved from


Thisarticle focuses on how the emergence of tablets has made computing tobe effective.viiiPrior to the introduction of the tablet, organizations relied ondesktops. This made it difficult for managers to do most of theiroperations while not at office. However, with the introduction oftablets, it is possible to carry the tablet anywhere. This impliesthat businesses have been capable of realizing growth since managerscan be in a position to work anywhere. Nevertheless, tablets have anissue because their small screens make it cumbersome to act as afully functioning personal computer.ix

Wladawsky-Berger,I. (2009), Cloud- the Emergence of a New Model of Computing,Retrieved from


Thisarticle discusses the idea of cloud computing technology.xThe idea of cloud computing technology has helped businesses inmitigating the cost of carrying out their operations, which is ofimmense importance to the profitability of businesses. An emergingissue with cloud computing to businesses is that some businesses arenot in a position to successfully meet costs and quality required fora cloud computing market.

Poulter,S. (2014), Theself-service tills that are turning us into thieves: How faultysupermarket machines mean shoppers give up and place items in theirbags unscanned,Retrieved from


Thisarticle provides details concerning self-service tills technology.The technology is excellent, where there are scanners in goodcondition. However, where the scanners do not function properly, theservice has resulted to customers doing their purchases and payingwithout proper scanning.xiThis has led to shoppers becoming thieves. The technology helps insupermarkets serving a vast number of customers. However,self-service tills may lead to losses of money in case a supermarkethas faulty machines.

Shah,S. (2014), EthernetInnovation inside the Datacenter,Retrieved from


Thisarticle describes innovation of Ethernet within the Datacenter.Datacenters are involved in deploying faster Ethernet as well asunlocking new capabilities with the vast data analytics, social mediaplatforms and new applications.xiiThis has aided in offering communication within and beyond businesspremises. The Ethernet has facilitated an increase in productivity ofbusinesses.

Bell,L. (2014), TfLpushes London closer to electronic payments with cash-free buses,Retrieved from


Thisarticle discusses the TFL’s move of introducing the electronicpayment system in buses.xiiiPayment of bus fares electronically is a technology that is ofbenefit to businesses since it helps in enhancing the efficiency andaccuracy of fare collected. However, businesses in the transportsector may face challenges because customers without cards may not bein a position to use the transport services, which may lead toreduced revenues to transport businesses.

Hsu,J. (2015), SmarterSystems Make Web Surfing on Your phone less of a Battery Drain,Retrieved from


Thearticle discusses solutions towards ensuring that mobile batterystays longer while surfing. For example, using existing Smartphonehardware in a more intelligent manner may help in saving phonebattery. However, the challenge entails slowing the performance inorder to save energy.xivSaving battery is critical to businesses since businesses cancomplete their transactions without problems.

BBCNews (2006), UKBiometric Passports Launched,Retrieved from


Thisarticle provides information regarding the first launch ofe-passports in the UK.xvThe use of this technology is critical since it can help in solvingmatters of security effectively. Since the technology has a chip thathas the information of the passport holder, it is difficult forindividuals to fake passports and pose to be someone else. This isimportant in guarding security details.

Eleftheriou-Smith,L. (2015), Teenagerswho play video games do better at school – but not if they`regaming every day,Retrieved from–but-not-if-theyre-gaming-every-day-10106781.html


Thisarticle points out that gaming aid in enhancing the performance ofstudents in Science, Math, solving problems, and reading.xviThis makes gaming an important aspect in students’ life however,gaming should not be considered on a daily basis or every timebecause it may affect students’ performance negatively. Since gamesare indicated to aid in performance, schools may enhance students’performance through encouraging them to play certain games.

Sheffield,H. (2015), Heartbeatsignals could replace PIN codes for online banking,Retrieved from


Thisarticle argues that there is a possibility of stopping to use keycards and PIN codes. This emanates from a test that is undergoing,where a wristband would be used in logging in users into online bankaccounts that belong to them using the rhythm of heartbeat.xviiThis technology would be of benefit to businesses since it wouldoffer strict security to online banking businesses.

Hassle,S. (2015), Youin Your Internet of Things,Retrieved from


Thisarticle focuses on discussing whether devices need to be built byconsidering private and security measures prior to them reaching themarket.xviiiSecurity emerges as a necessity to any product being sold in themarket in case a buyer knows in advance that a device that he/she ispurchasing does not have security details, it is possible that lessbuyers would purchase such a device. Therefore, it is important fordevices to have in-built security measures prior to reaching themarket.

Perry,T. (2015), Apple’sWatch is the Next Big Geek Icebreaker,Retrieved from


Thisarticle discusses the emergence of the Apple Watch.xixThe Apple Watch is seen as the next big thing that would bringbenefits to businesses. The biggest advantage of the apple watch isthat it has the capacity of bringing individuals together, who mighteven think that they have nothing that they can share. Out of thesesynergies, it is most probable that new ventures would be formed.Therefore, the Apple Watch is exceedingly critical to businesspeople.

Luk,L. (2015), Appleplans Force of Touch Technology for New iPhones,Retrieved from


Accordingto this article, Apple has a plan of adding sensors to help indetecting how hard a user presses on a screen to its next iPhonesthat it will produce.xxThe force touch technology that the company would employ would helpusers control a device differently since the technology has theability of distinguishing amid light and deep press.xxiThis would help the business in adding its customer base becausedifferent customers have different preferences.























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