Introducing George Brown


IntroducingGeorge Brown

IntroducingGeorge Brown

Thenext speaker, ladies and gentlemen, is a manager at Highlights forChildren, an organization that is committed to assisting kids to betheir best selves. The company holds the belief that childrenexperience joy and fun in instances where they decide to make usetheir inherent curiosity, imagination, as well as creativity andthinking capability in line with the company’s motto “Funwith a Purpose”(Vjoon, (2015).

Thisgentleman has written a paper called “TheWhite Paper”,in which he stated that opportunities and issues will always come andgo but it is imperative that a family uses the tools that have beendeveloped in the previous generations as the guiding lamp. Thisstatement is understandable given that Mr. George Brown is a fourthGeneration family member for The Network of Family Businesses. Mr.Brown is an asset services manager who undertakes the archiving andrepurposing the 65 years worth of articles and content pertaining toHighlights Magazine, as well as the Highlights Consumer Products. Heprimarily concentrates on propping up business functions such asgranting permissions for the re-utilization of content, rightsmanagement, international partnerships, as well as domesticlicensing.

Asa fourth generation member of this family business, it isunderstandable that Mr. George Brown would have worked in variedpositions and roles in the company. Indeed, it may be noted that inthe last 10 years, Mr. Brown has taken up a variety of roles andpositions in Highlights for Children including planning editorial,sales, product development, as well as content management, beforegetting to his current position of manager of Assets Services withinthe same entity. Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, join mein welcoming Mr. George Brown.


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