Interview with Sherry Turkle on the Colbert Report


Interviewwith Sherry Turkle on the Colbert Report


Interviewwith Sherry Turkle ontheColbert Report

Technologyhas changed the way people interact with each other and this hasraised concern. Sherry Turkle feels that it is time that people puttechnology in its place. In her book “Alone Together” she hasexpressed her concerns about this issue and in the interview on theColbert Report, she comes out strongly in defending her view. I agreewith her that technology should be put in its place and people shouldbe open to communication.

Turkleis of the view that people need to start giving each other fullattention. I am in agreement with her in that it is very rude foranyone to continue texting on his or her phone while in the companyof another person. As she states, people should step back andreconsider what technology has done as people have gone too far.

Turklealso states that the social media is just making people put upperformances themselves on the social media. A friend will think thathe or she understands the other well and what they just know is theperformance that has been put up.

Theauthor states that the quality of interaction between people hasdeteriorated. This is because people just broadcast themselves andpeople do not get quality information about each other. This is trueas today through digital correspondence people want to ask simplethings expecting certain responses.

SherryTurkle during the interview explains the importance of communicationbetween people and the importance of putting technology in its place.People should control technology, it should not be technologycontrolling people as it is the case today in the society.


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