Insights about Psychological Testing and Assessments in Counseling


Insightsabout Psychological Testing and Assessments in Counseling

Insightsabout Psychological Testing and Assessments in Counseling

Themost fundamental insights that the book brings out about usingtesting and assessment procedures in counseling vitally help clientsknow who they are and the types of choices they are exposed for theirfuture (Cohen, Swerdlik &amp Sturman, 2013). Clinicians can indiscretionarily decide on the most suitable treatment plans forclients. Testing and procedures are also the surest ways to ensurethat the families of clients can support them in the most effectiveways. The authors critically underscore the vitality of multipleprocedures, which they say should always be considered for clients ifa counselor is to offer the most effective services possible. Makingthem part of every counseling process brings the possible fears andbiases of the counselor into helping the relationship (Messick,2011).

Psychologicaltesting and assessment for victims of domestic violence elicits thegreatest insights that possibly affect the future of psychotherapy.Some of the most striking insights that would fundamentally shape thefuture of counseling not just for victims of domestic violence, butalso for adolescents and people with co-occurring disorders are:assessment steps in the entire procedure. They include(Aiken, 1997):

  1. An assessment of different safety needs of the client

  2. Connect the relationship between the health of the client and the disorder or domestic violence

  3. An assessment of the history and patterns that culminated into the disorder/ the patterns of abuse

  4. The possibility of access to support and advocacy by the client

Theauthors also emphasize on the need for counselors who use tests andassessment procedures should, at the minimum, only use tests thathave been shown to be constructed using research procedures.


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