Innovative Care Model


InnovativeCare Model

InnovativeNursing care Models can in the simplest terms can be defined asprograms that are set up with the aim of enabling nurses to offertheir patients the best healthcare possible while at the same timebeing convenient to them (Davies 2010). There are various models thatare employed one of them being the Integrated Care Model (ICM).

TheICM model works by incorporating information that is gathered frompatients about their health care experiences in coming up with moreeffective healthcare service delivery. The model places patients andcare givers in the development and evaluation of patient facingmaterials making the end product actionable and accessible both fromthe users perspective as well as clinical perspective (Lemire Rodgers2009). The use of this model therefore allows opportunity fordevelopment and sharing knowledge among nurses but also with otherhealth care professionals.

Oneof the key leadership skills that a professional nurse should have toeffectively implement this model is having a strong proponent forknowledge and idea sharing (Tomblin-Murphy 2012). Other than thatJudith Shamian observes that it is critical that one posses stronginterpersonal relations as it is paramount that different nursinggroups work together. In addition, a strong understanding of thebarriers -policy and system- that must be removed in order tooptimize client care is vital.

TheICM model supports the role of the nurse in that by integratingclient condition and stability, nursing experience and system supportvital staffing decisions are made easier to arrive at. In addition tothat, the model is also cost effective both to the patients as wellas to the health care service providers. This creates a win-winsituation. The model also ensures system sustainability as a resultof knowledgeable workers.


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