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Anthropologyis the science of study of humans over a period to understand theirpresent and past. It is built on the knowledge from four areas namelysocial sciences, biological sciences, humanities and physicalsciences in order to fully understand the scope and the complexity ofhuman culture across that period.

Students’engagement in the real application of what they learn in class canactually stimulate and motivate them as they will see the relevanceof the skill and content gained in class. Whatever it is that weacquire in classroom learning set up may have different meaningsdepending on the person. The interpretation of the information gottenfrom watching a video clip or reading a book will trigger someresponse in us that we always would like to imply or meet in reallife situations.

Homosexualrelationships have been debated in many countries especially becauseof the general life beliefs and principles found in spiritual scriptsthat guide the moral standards of a people. Nowadays scholars andother critics have gone a step in fighting against the views thatwork to impede the progress of this lifestyle while trying to dig outproofs to support them. Countries all over the world in these daysare embracing the new movement of homosexuality and accepting andplacing new rules on it to safeguard the homosexuals. For instance,laws that protect the right of a person in that everyone should befree to enter even into a relationship with the person whom you haveloved mutually regardless of the gender[ CITATION Bar12 l 2057 ].

Anotherstronghold is of the personal stand. The ability to live a lifeguided by our own conscience but not by what people speak of you.That if whatever you do does not hurt or interfere with anyone else,then do it. This is the self-confidence gained from learning orwatching or experiencing, that so much propagates ones urge to fightfor things right.

Inthe fight for freedom from oppression from the University, MarioSavio made speech to incite and to awaken the students to stand fortheir right. He fights for the African American citizen that has beenoppressed from their rights on the basis of their colour. Hemotivates for a peaceful demonstration in his famous speech on“bodies on gears.” In his speech he expresses his deepunderstanding of the mayhem, they have been facing under the reign ofPresident ClarkKerrafterrealizing that the university had banned all political activities andfundraising from the institution. He finally ceases to be a member ofthe free speech movement once he notices how the gap between thestudents and the group[ CITATION Mar64 l 2057 ].

Finally,another example is on the general information on the overalldistribution of the of Americas wealth. The person’s understandingand knowledge is that the distribution is quite reasonable with asmall gap between the wealthy and the poor (of two to three times).What the people know is not far from the ideal one accepted both bythe democrats and the republicans[ CITATION For12 l 2057 ].But the realdistribution is far much more than the expected and even further thatwhat is ideal. The largest percentage of the Americas wealth lies ina small number of people, the wealthy. It represents the completecontrast of how the wealth could be equitably distributed andpresents the inequality of America’s wealth distribution.


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