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HunterVs Farmer (WhereHave All the ‘Hunters’ Gone)


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Inbusiness, hunters and farmers are terms used to define differentforms of business people. Hunters are entrepreneurs who work with newbusiness opportunities and are not afraid of going to newsurroundings to explore more opportunities while farmers are thosewho target businesses around familiar places and familiar targetgroups. They work to perfect already existing business opportunities(Cheverton,2012, Dick,2015).They are team players. Your ability to fit into either of the twodepends on various factors. They both play a major role in thesuccess of a business.

Personalityis a major factor when it comes to business, rating oneself to beeither a hunter or farmer doesn’t entirely rely on it, but helpsone determine which side you are most likely to fit in. Personally, Isee myself as a farmer. It’s easier for me to work under alreadyexisting and established businesses. A farmer works towardsstabilizing relationships with its market, gaining their loyalty bytrying his best to make their customers satisfied. Satisfaction ofcustomers eliminates competition and strengthens the growth of thebusiness (Dick,2015).

Whenhiring, one needs to pay attention to the alignment of both thehunters and the farmers. Though they will work together, they need tobe put in separate alignment so that they can both play the role theyare required to play. As mentioned, the contribution of both huntersand farmers in a business enterprise is vital (Cheverton,2012).Using both salespeople is a strategy to expand the business. When abusiness starts up, it is important to involve the hunters who arenot afraid of taking risks. They go meet new customers and tryclosing new deals with them (Dick,2015).This however does not go on for long, after the company has sort ofcaught its ground, that’s where the farmers come in.

Farmerstake over the new relationship made by the hunters and new customers.Their role is to maintain this relationship by working tirelessly toensure they gain their trust and loyalty. Their aim is to maintain along term relationship with their customers. As hunters get thrilledwith making new relationships, farmers feel proud when they solidifythese relationships (Cheverton,2012).Determination of how a business performs mainly depends on itsorganizational structure. In this case, I’ll focus on territory oraccount management structure I would implement in my businessenterprise. Territory management is an organizational tool that helpsorganize your sales data in a hierarchical form. When it’s anindividual account, it’s referred to as an account management, butwhen it’s a group account, it’s referred to as territorymanagement.

Agood account/ territory management is one which makes work easy for alarge company to put their activities in an organized manner acrossvarious dimensions. What needs to be done is all sales activitiesshould be put in strategic accounts which should be shared withcustomers who have been put under various territories which makesthem access the information they need (Dick,2015).When it comes to strategic business expansion, salespeople play thebiggest role since they are the ones responsible for seeking newmarket, marketing their products and convincing the customers thatthe products they are offering are better than competing products. Itis very important to find a strong and competitive sales team.However, many businesses are faced with the challenge of getting theright sales people (Falcon, 2009). They can try different optionssuch as:

Theycan hire those already working in the company. These people canmanage to carry out the selling tasks since they are already familiarwith the products they are selling. They have necessary informationabout the products and when they are countered by any question fromthe customers, they can easily answer without hesitation. Also, youcan get them from other industries where they were working assalespeople, they are efficient because they do a good job and theyrequire minimal training. The family and friends of the staff of thatcompany can be ideal for the job. This is so because there is a highchance that they know about the products of that company due to whatthe staff tells them about it. It’s better to have less than noknowledge at all during training. There are also the people who arealready in the sales category. Instead of getting new people, it’sbetter that the resources that were to be used to train new people beused to retrain and reassign duties to the already presentsalespeople. This makes them competent than they were before.

Whena company advertises a position for salespeople, many people respondto this call. The thing is that not all people that appear can fit todo the sales job. Therefore, it’s important that they areinterviewed so that a competent team is selected. The interviews areeither in individual or group level. They are presented in front of aboard who ask them some questions to see if they are capable or not(Falcon, 2009). If I was on the board that was to interview thepeople who were looking for a salesperson position in the company arequestions like if they knew the difference between sales roles andmarketing roles. This would help me know if the person was well awareof what role he was going to play in the company. I would also ask ifhe/she had ever done sales before or if it was his first time and ifit wasn’t his first time, how was it for him the other times. Also,it would be important for the company if I asked the person todramatize how he would carry out sales of our products. This wouldhelp us know the convincing power of that person. Most importantly,it would be great to know what motivates the person to do a betterand delivering job.

Inconclusion, though rare, it is possible to get the hunter and farmerall in one person. There are more farmers than there are huntersbecause people are afraid of taking risks. Growth and expansion of acompany are a manifestation of the presence of both hunters andfarmers. On the other hand, selling of products is expanded by thesalespeople department. A company needs the collaboration ofdifferent departments in order excels.


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