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HunterVersus Farmer


HunterVersus Farmer

Withreference to the article by Dick Canada, ‘wherehave all the hunters gone’for a sales person to be successful, he/she needs to realize whetherhe is a hunter or the farmer. According to the article, the authorhas described the hunter as one who achieves their sales throughhunting even when and where appears to have no potential, the hunteris known to generate excitement, but he isn’t good at focusing.Their typical sales roles include field sales rep, businessdevelopment manager. Contrary to the hunter, the farmer is known tobuild and cultivate opportunities and relationships. They re known asteam players. They (farmers) best fall into an inside sales person orcustomer service rep (Dick,2015).

Withreference to the article, am more of a hunter that a farmer. Thishowever does not mean that I cannot be able to conduct the functionsof a farmer. I enjoy travelling and meeting new people when I ameither free or working. This means that I can be of help to anorganization that is aiming at developing or venturing into a newmarket. The whole essence of this is that the company will requirehunters who are good at meeting new people and selling the policiesof the company to them. This is one of my hobbies as I findtravelling and meeting people from different cultures, one of themost important parts of my life.

Onthe same note, such an organization will benefit from this, whichwill ensure that it is able to increase the customer base by havingnew consumers. For example, in case a phone producing companyidentifies a new market in Africa and South America, travelling tothese areas is not a problem to me and I am able to fit in thatsetting. One of my strengths is that I am able to interact with thenew settings with a lot of ease. This implies that I will be able tointeract with the people in the surroundings with ease and at thesame time be able to influence the purchase decisions that are madeby the customers (Dick,2015).I believe in practical things such as the physical interaction withthe consumers. Another reason as to why I believe that I am fullyequipped as a hunter is that fact that it is rare for me to bediscouraged on doing something. Despite failing, I am always able tomake sure that I rise again and hope the next time is it will bedifferent.

Hiringa sales force

Giventhe responsibility to hire a sales force, I would go for a team or aperson who is responsible for both new and existing businessopportunities, I would create a force that has more hunters thanfarmers. On the same note, I would look for people who can work bothas farmers and also as hunters. This means that they can be able tosell the policies, or goods and services that are offered by acompany to both new markets, as well as, the old markets. It impliesthat they can be able to bring new customers into the business and atthe same time be able to make sure that the customer retention isdone with ease (Dick,2015).

Insome cases, it is important to note that it is far much moreeconomical to retain the old customers as compared to getting a newone. This means that both hunters and farmers are quite important. Itshould be noted that there are incidences where the company may notbe requiring hunters, which means that having a sales force that ismultipurpose is the best thing. This is because when the company doesnot require hunters, then all the efforts of the staff will bededicated to the farming or cultivating the relationship with thecurrent customers. This means that the usage of the sales team willdepend on the strategy that is dependent on the strategy that isadopted by the organization. For example, if the company identifies anew market, then all the people in the organization’s salesdepartment will be dedicated to selling the policies of the companyto the new consumers identified. In case the company finds it moreeconomical to venture into an existing market by retaining the oldcustomers, then all staff members will be directed to the retainingof new customers.

Thefirst that one should understand is that hunters are hard to find.This means that the company will have to settle for a team that ismultipurpose in the sense that they can function both as hunters andfarmers. The interview will have to be structured in such a way thatthe interviewees will not be aware of what the company is lookingfor. This will ensure that the interviewees are truthful in the waythey answer the questions that are asked from the bench. The panelwill then choose depending on how the interviewee answers thequestions that are directed to him or her by the team (Dick,2015).On the same note, it should be noted that the company should beaiming at having more staff members who can function both as farmersand hunters. Despite this, hunters are hard to find and hence thecompany should also aim at having a few who can be able to workefficiently. The questions that are used in the interview should lookat getting to the specifics of whether one is a hunter or a farmer.This can be done by making sure that the specifics are well analyzedthrough the use of case scenarios. For example, one can be asked toexplain his effectiveness in venturing into a new market or retainingthe old customers.


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