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The question: have trade unions in Canada lost their relevance or dothey still have a place? There have been trade unions sinceindustrial revolution. During the period, the trade unions were veryeffective but over the years, they have slowly lost their relevance.This is indicated by a decline in the figure of individuals becomingmembers of Canada’s trade unions. Many members comprise of personsworking in the public sector. However, positive changes have beenhappening as membership to the unions stabilizes, yet it is still notpossible to conclude on their relevance today.

The two issues that will be significant in the term paper are adiscussion on why trade unions are irrelevant and why they are stillimportant. On the issue of irrelevancy – historically the objectiveof trade unions involved pushing for the rights of employees becauseof the widespread discrimination by employers and minimal governmentinvolvement (Schifferes, 2004). However, the government is now moreinvolved in ensuring that employers do not oppress their workers. Theeffectiveness of trade unions in ensuring members get more pay iscurrently not possible, which makes people reluctant to joiningunions. On the issue of importance – trade unions are stilleffective in safeguarding workers’ rights and cannot be ruled outas irrelevant. Although they might not push for increased wages, theywill be important in guaranteeing personnel work under the rightconditions (Naughton, Doan &amp Green, 2015).

The article, The Trade Unions’ Long Decline will beapplicable in the research. It explains why trade unions wereinitially created and what has resulted in their fall. The sourcehelps in expounding on one of the main issues discussed. A differentsource is the article, As the Rich Get Richer, Unions are Poisedfor Comeback, which expounds on the second issue of why tradeunions are still relevant.


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