How to Be a Good Friend Number

Howto Be a Good Friend


Howto Be a Good Friend

Havinggood friends in one’s life as well as being a good one to others,enables one to have a positive living among other people. Friendshipis a crucial part of human existence. The benefits of true friendshipcan never be underestimated for every person. Research has provedthat the more true friends a person have, the happier he/she is.However, developing a true friendship is challenging as it is hard topinpoint what makes a good friend exactly, but different attributesare essential for one to be regarded as a good friend by others. Thefollowing paper helps us to learn how to be good friends with peoplewe care about through a few basic steps

Oneof the key virtues of a good friend is to be loving, and trustworthy. In order to be regarded as a good friend, one need to show love forother people as well as can be trusted. Trust is enhanced by keepingyour promises and honoring commitments that you make with the friend.Trust among friends can also be enhanced by being dependable, can be relied on consistently and not fails the person. Thisensures that your friend can always count on you therefore cementingthe friendship bond. Be honest and always tell the truth as is buildsthe trust of the friend in you. Another trait of a good friend isbeing honest and supportive, which includes providing sincereencouragement and emotional help to the friend in times of hardshipsand in times of happiness.

Thefollowing steps are essential in making one a good friend

Step1always have the will to listen. A good friend should be ready andwilling to listen to what other people are telling them, even attimes when they may be boring, or makes one uncomfortable.

Step2be available when others need help. Nothing is known to end afriendship relationship than abandoning a friend at a time of need.It’s healthy for friends to be there when needed.

Step3do not judge other friends (don’t be judgmental). It’s alwaysadvisable to understand other people’s point of view, and in caseyou disagree always do it in a respectable manner. In addition, don’tus their weak points to expose them, but instead, you’re theirweaknesses to make them better.

Step4never take your friends for granted. As a good friend, one shouldalways take others seriously. Instead be thoughtful in whatever yousay to your friends.

Step5avoid interrupting your friends when you are having a conversation.This interruption during conversations shows that you care more ofwhat you say and not what your friends have to say.

Insummary, it is possible to be a true friend by following the abovesimple but important steps. By following the steps outlined in thispaper, one can become a good friend to many therefore leading tohappiness and a long life. Different virtues make one to be regardedas a good or bad friend. Being a good friend entails more than justtaking the make fiend, and instead includes possession of key traits,which are acceptable in the society. Good friendship creates goodmemories, which in turn strengthens the bond between friends keepingthe friendship together. Being a good friend is essential, butmaintains the good friendship calls for devotion and contribution ofboth parties.