How Students Keep Healthy In Campus


Every international student will agree that the experience of being astudent in a foreign country is an enlightening experience. For me,my admission to MSU marked the beginning of a journey toself-discovery and appreciation of other people culture. I vividlyrecall my first encounter with cultural differences at the airplanewhen I requested for a glass of warm water only to be served withfreezing water with an ice cube in it. I was later to learn thatunlike the Chinese people who take warm water during the day,Americans do not take warm water rather they take coffee and tea. AtMSU, I have been provided with amazing opportunities to learn aboutother people culture. The experiences have led to powerful insightswhich I will discuss in this study paper. The paper reflects on myexperiences on campus and offers advice on how one can lead a healthylife in campus. One of the challenges most student faces while oncampus is maintaining a fit lifestyle free from drugs. This isespecially so due to the hyper lifestyle new student finds in thecampus. Maintaining a lively social life when you are aninternational student is sometimes challenging but staying focus onwhat brought you to campus can direct you to the right path.&nbspTheclassroom experience was totally different from the one I had in mycountry here open-mindedness was encouraged. This opened my eyes andallowed me the opportunity to push my boundaries beyond the boundaryof knowledge into the free-thinking environment. Moreover, myinteraction with my peers challenged me to think critically(Ramburuth &amp Catherine, 2005).&nbsp

Before coming to the United States, I had heard a lot thatstereotyping is common in learning institution. A friend of mineactually gave me an account of what she had gone through and howpeople kept asking about Taiwan and communism. Nevertheless, this didnot deter me from coming. During my first year as a freshman I neverexperienced any sort of segregation my roommate invited me to thecafeteria for lunch and the experience was marvelous. Here food wasserved on the counter and after paying one would carry it to histable. There were no waiters and we were served with exceptionalAmerican diet and a can of soda the meal was amazing. We sat on largetables and shared stories. The experience of cafeteria is differentfrom what I was used to in my country where students are served foodin dining or carry it from home. A cultural artifact is an item thatreveals a great deal of information about a community or the peoplewho use it or used to use it or who made it. As you enter, the Campusone is met by the Spartan sculpture. When I first saw this sculptureI was curious to find out what it stood for, the stoic pose createsan impression on every new student. I later learned that the termSpartan was coined in the early 20th century and has been used by theschool teams and students as well as a way of identifying themselvesas different from others. The term displays pride passion andconnects all students and staff as a united community. Beaumont isanother attractive and artifact and among the most famous attractionin the campus. In my country we are not used to seen towers whichexplain my interest in knowing more about the tower. I learned thatthe tower is named after a couple the Beaumont who funded itconstruction its uniqueness comes from the carillon that placedinside the tower (Davis &amp Adam, 2005). Additionally, the Campushas a museum that preserves several cultural artifacts. Theseartifacts express human creativity, document history and show thediversity. There are nearly I million items within the collection atthe Museum which have been gathered since the Campus was started in1857. The staffs that preserve this artifact are committed to thetask by maintaining a high standard of ethical excellence. When Ijoined the campus, the museum was one of the places I enjoyedspending my time at, I learned a lot about the American people theirimmigration is documented in some of the articles found at themuseum. Furthermore, during orientation the museum is one of theplaces new students are taken to, here the guide introduces you tothe school culture and how it was started its missions and vision.&nbsp

There is a priceless harvest of knowledge for any internationalstudent in the United States, not only does one mature physically butalso mentally especially as you adapt to the American culture ofopen-mindedness, critical thinking and self-discipline. What makesMSU a unique campus is diversity and equality is one of the studentexperience key theme that is supported by the University. It enhancesthose experiences of the International student through offering adiverse cultural learning environment that set up students for futureglobal employment opportunities and citizenship. One of the keythings stressed in the university is respect for other people culture(Arthur, 2004). In this case, even though, the administrationencourages the use of English as a means of communication, havingconversions in your mother tongue is not a crime nor consideredimpolite. Students are free to communicate with whatever language,they are comfortable with.&nbsp&nbsp

What are the cultural diversity experienced at the campus? In mostoccasions, one does not have prior knowledge of who the roommate willbe. In my case, my roommate who is also my best friend is anAmerican, and one of the things we enjoy doing together is cooking.Our cuisines are, of course, different so whoever is on cooking dutyprepares a meal that is unique to the culture one is from. As much aspossible, I try to stay away the subject of religion and politics(Cavusgil 36). The reason being most people are sensitive when itcomes to their convictions and beliefs. I believe the one thing thatmakes MSU unique is the fact that the institution does not bend onreligion, which explains the presence of Muslims, Christians, Hindusand Chinese living together as one big family.&nbsp&nbsp

When leaving home, my mother advised me that the key to education isnot staying behind closed doors and reading books, on the contrary,it is going out and engaging in different activities. At MSU, thereare several organizations that one can join and very many activitiesto participate in. By becoming involved one enhances his or herexperience on the Campus. For Global, Culture Club is the place I gotto make a lot of friends. In this organization, we regularly meet andwelcome new members after that we plan activities whereby members arefree to participate in the activities they like. Communication aboutupcoming activities is done through emails. In addition to this, theCampus has an office whose sole obligation is bringing together theinternational student, and the American student through activitiesmeant to help in cultural exchange, recreational activities and helpthe international student meet the local communities. Events areorganized in this office according to seasons of the year, the eventsI liked were the parade of flags and international education week.The experience of my first international education week was fabulous.Not only did I get to learn about the American culture but also teachmy friends about Buddhism. Most of them thought we worshiped Buddhaas a god, and I took the pressure of telling them all aboutSiddhārtha Gautama who later became Buddha and how it all started.It is true we do not worship Buddha, we just offer respect to hisimage, I told my friends.&nbsp

Nevertheless, life in campus is not all smooth, as time passes oneencounters different challenges such as incitement from friends toengage in drugs, crime and even to cheat in exams. Allowing yourselfto be deceived might result in you landing in jail or gettingdeported. As for me, staying a healthy life in campus literally meansgetting enough to sleep this way am always attentive in class thenext day. To most students, this is one of the biggest challengesthey encounter when they join campus not only the internationalstudent but the local student as well. To them, college life meanssleep deprivation as they have juggled a busy schedule, study atnight, socialize by going to parties and attend early-morningclasses. Time management is another challenge whereby making decisionon how to master your time and meet the college demands is hinderedby so many factors. For me, time management comes easy by doing theright thing at the right time. Another way to lead a healthy life incampus is scheduling physical exercises (Boehm &amp Jenny, 2006). Inormally utilize this time by attending yoga in one of the hallslocated within the campus premises. Here I get to stretch my musclesand focus on my inner self. Moreover, as much as possible, I avoidstress at all cost by preparing early for exams, attending guidanceand counseling sessions and socializing with other. I was lucky tomeet welcoming friends who accepted me regardless of our culturaldifferences. However, at times, this is not the case with someinternational student. Some of them face hostility, and even thoughit is not common in MSU it is still likely to happen the best way tohandle such as a scenario is not by retaliating. Rather one shouldseek help from the school counselor because trying to cope with canaffect you not only mentally but also psychological and physicallytoo.&nbspMy first few months in MSU Campus were so frustrating to apoint that I felt like giving up. All my life until then, I thought Iwas fluent in English and would mingle freely with an Englishspeaker, but this was not the case after leaving classes. It wasdifficult to communicate with my roommate leave alone my classmatesmost are the times they ended the premature conversion by sayingnever mind. My problem was I was not familiar with some of the terms,especially when used in a conversion, so I would ask the speaker torepeat what he or she had said and later ask for an interpretation.However, after a few months, I was nailing it and making friends allover the campus. The one thing I noted from the numerous questions Iencountered in my first few months is Americans are curious peoplewho like understanding other people culture this is evidenced by thefact that most of the people I met were intrigued about my culture.Truly America is melting pot where people from are regions cometogether and live in harmony

Staying a healthy campus life means learning to appreciate otherpeople culture and taking care of oneself. For me, I can confidentlysay that the experience of learning in a foreign country has been anawesome experience. I have had a chance to discover the world, breakstereotypes and widened my horizons each day by learning somethingnew. It is true there moment I miss home, but I have to admit not inthousands of years would I have gained the knowledge and experience Ihave gained at MSU.&nbsp

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