Hong Kong`s Cry for Alienation from China

HongKong’s Cry for Alienation from China

DespiteHong Kong being fully Chinese – that is they carry Chinese blood andpractice Chinese culture – they feel that they should be separatedfrom the Chinese mainland (n. p, “The Independent”, n.d, para.8). I find this quite irresponsible and unrealistic. However, uponreasoning with the majority of the Hong Kong fellows I am prompted toempathize with these individuals. In the paper below I stage myargument in resemblance of a Hong Kong national in a bid to discusstheir predicament. Moreover, a further discussion of their historyand what has prompted them into wishing and agitating for their fullindependence away from China’s dominance, follows.

HongKong regrets of the move by Britain in 1997 to grant it itsindependence through incorporation as a special administrative stateof china from being a crown colony (Shen 1 &amp 2). This explainswhy recently they matched into the streets flagging the colonial eraBritish flag (n. p, “The Independent”, n.d, para. 5). Thesecynics were deemed to be anti-China, but I feel that the society hasnot got into the root of their agitation otherwise they wouldunderstand their quandary and advise mainland China on what to do ifthey are to win them back.

Oneshould not mistake the whole of Hong Kong as being anti- China. Thisis not the case. There only exist a few liberalists who if thesituation is not solved are bound to poison the whole lot. The HongKong Autonomy Movement has constantly being of the idea that HongKong should remain under China’s rule but should be accorded a highlevel of autonomy as previously promised 20 years ago during thehandover from being a crown colony into china’s rule (n. p, “TheIndependent”, n.d, para. 13). These are the moderators who feelthat a little change into their rights advocacy and they are good togo.

HongKong Independence movement on the other hand has constantly cravedfor Hong Kong’s sovereignty into being an independent sovereigncity state just like Singapore. However, the push has only becomequite rampant of late owing to different factors. Several issues havecome into being due to inequality. These people seem to crave forjustice, freedom, economic and democratic development a status thatthey feel should be equal to that of the mainland china’s residents(n. p, “The Independent”, n.d, para.1 – 4).

Recently,a mainland Chinese tourist physically assaulted a Hong Kong femaletour guide and quickly disappeared out of town (n. p, “TheIndependent”, n.d, para.10 &amp 11). This created much hullabalooas the Hong Kong citizens criticize the issue. They feel that themainland Chinese treats them with the worst level of animosity. Worsestill is that the Chinese law enforcers have not done anything aboutit. Don’t you think that this anti – China citizens are entitled tobehave in a radical approach? Think of the fact that though they ownmany independent entities, yet they have no control over the defenseand foreign affairs dockets. Then, this means that the Chinesecentral government is bound to fully treat it as one of its unit, andaccords them all the rights that the rest of the mainlanders enjoy.There seems to be adverse flaws in the security, defense and justicerealms. Shouldn’t equality be pioneered for all? All citizens aresupposed to enjoy the full protection of the Chinese laws andgovernance. This clearly explains the much agitation by the Hong Kongextremists, an approach I strongly concur with. They feel strangersin their purportedly own country. Therefore, if this is actually thecase, why not accord them the necessary sovereignty and independencethat they deserve?

Tradehas of late been highly affected in Hong Kong. This owes to the factthat smuggling is in the increase. Hong Kong is corruption free,unlike mainland China and this has prompted the nationals to havemore faith in their goods. Mainland China is perceived to sellcounterfeit goods and therefore many traders are opting to buy goodsfrom Hong Kong. This move has had adverse effects on Hong Kong’seconomy. Its inhabitants have been forced to purchase goods atexorbitant prices. This explicates why the inhabitants have takenstringent measures of forbidding the so called aliens from buyingtheir goods (n. p, “The Independent”, n.d, para.8).

HongKong’s independence is quite commendable. It boasts of a stableeconomy and this is quite surprising considering that it is a smallcity state. Additionally, it boasts of hosting the best hospitals andoffering the best health services, inclusive of maternity healthcare. Funny enough, most of the Chinese women are always streaminginto Hong Kong in order to deliver at these high quality hospitals(n. p, “The Independent”, n.d, para.20). Several questions arisefrom this. Hong Kong has always run its functions – defense andforeign affairs being an exception. This shows that in its littlecapacity of handling its internal affairs, it is quite able andexhibits high professionalism. Therefore, I wonder how comes theChinese government does not want to accord these individuals, theirmost anticipated freedom and independence?

Itis quite clear why China does not want to allow Hong Kong to become adistinct entity. This is due to, the accrued benefits it derives fromHong Kong (n.p, “The Economist Explain”, n.d, para. 1- 4).Diversification in trade as well as its excellent medical andtransport services means that an alienation of Hong Kong is bound tolead to the collapse of China’s economy. This concept agitates HongKong cynics who feel that China is being opportunistic and they feelthat their economy is being undermined. I concur with them on thatand I am of the honest opinion that Hong Kong’s economy is bound toimprove to greater scales (n.p, “The Economist Explain”, n.d,para.1)

Interferenceof its affairs by the state government is quite annoying on theirpart. Aren’t they supposed to be an independent, autonomy aspromised in 1997? Chen Zuoer is not supposed to act surprised withthe recent uprising by Hong Kong nationals. This is because in thepeace talks that he held in a bid to integrate Hong Kong into China,it was clearly spelt out that all the other functions except defenseand foreign affairs were to be run by Hong Kong with no interferenceor intervention by China’s government (n. p, “The Independent”,n.d, para.1). This has not actually been realized. It has constantlybeen observed that a little flaw in Hong Kong’s governance hasalways attracted much interference by the state government.Nonetheless, Hong Kong’s boisterous and free press has managed tobe great to watch dogs in ensuring that it runs its functions inisolation.

Recently,the government had proposed for the inclusion of patriotism classesinto the curriculum (n. p, “The Independent”, n.d, para.13). TheHong Kong residents have, however, scrapped the plans to incorporateit into the curriculum whatsoever. This is because they are of theview that this might work against their plans of mobilizing all theinhabitants into one move of pushing for its alienation from mainlandChina. This show shows that Hong Kong is more that determined to befree from China’s influence (n.p, “Hong Kong Protestors, n.d,para.1). Its activists compare their rule under China as a new formof neo-colonialism. Theirs is a posited view that dominance underBritain was much better as measured up to what they are nowundergoing under the hands of China.

China’spoor governance is to be fully blamed on the Communist Party of Chinawhich is the ruling party. Would it be true to assume that amodification in the way the ruling party governs the country would atleast soften the hearts of these revolutionists? This is to an extenttrue for the individuals that are not die hard radicals. They are ofthe proposition that if the ruling party changes its governance intofully implementing democracy for all while respecting all theuniversal suffrage rights then Hong Kong is ready to hold talks andagree into remaining as a part of China (n. p, “The Independent”,n.d, para.2 &amp 3).

Thisis the only solution that China has to take if they really care oflosing Hong Kong. This is a region with diverse and immenseapprentice let alone the resources (n.p, “Mainland Hong KongIntegration”, n.d, para.2). Therefore a change in its governingstyle is quite crucial. Hong Kong is not asking for too much. Justequal rights and benefits should be accorded to them just as Chinesemainland. Moreover, China should treat it as a separate, autonomousand independent region as previously agreed during its breakaway fromBritish governance, 20 years ago (n. p, “The Independent”, n.d,para.5).

Toconclude with, one learns so much in regard to China’s nightmare,one that they wish should dawn to a brighter light. At least, onedoes not go on judging these revolutionists harshly. China’sgovernance is responsible since it has over the years inclinedtowards bettering mainland China by ensuring that they enjoy all thesuffrage right whilst side lining Hong Kong. It is time that theywake up to this bitter reality before the worst comes to the worst.Equal rights for all!


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