History of America


Historyof AmericaNameDateInstitutionBookand Movie ReviewsHistorycan be traced decades back and still transferable to many generationsahead. This paper will look at the book “Ironyof American History,”written by Reinhold Niebuhr and the movie titled “TheQuiet American.” Inaddition the paper will try and make a connection between the twoworks. Niebuhrwrote this book a year after he became paralyzed. In his book, hewarns about the “our dream of managing history,” as a foundationfor potential lethal threat for America. According to Niebuhr theUnites States had attained a better position of influence and powerby 1952 and by looking at this the dreams could be understandable1.This relates to the movie “TheQuiet American,”whereby it is stated that by 1958 the film was the best sellerbecause of the way it had portrayed the United States. It revealedthe conditions under which the Vietnamese insurgents were fightingthe French colony while the United States had started to build itseconomy2.

Inconclusion, the book does not only give out a mere ironic refutationof the historical past in relation to the present but also theexperiences that were accessioned with conflict3.This makes it hard for those who are not in a position to managehistorical past. In the same line, the film provides a dilution of apolitical idea that has been criticized by different scholars overits political position. It depicted what really happened during thehistory of American and how it slowly became the world’s superpower.

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