Hell Prick Performance Objective

HellPrick Performance Objective

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Usinga lancet device, cotton wool balls, envelope, and a blood spot card,conduct a heel prick test. The procedure will be done on a part ofthe body that is pink and warm. The application of warm socks for anhour will induce some warmth. The pricking site should be cleanedwith hot water and dried thoroughly. The baby’s foot will be heldin the warm hand for some ten minutes before the commencement of theprocedure. This is necessary because the foot needs to remain warm.The nurse’s hands should be clean, the baby will be lying in a safeposition and the selected site should be free of old injuries. Thebaby’s heel should be firmly held with the dominant hand in orderto induce tension to the skin. The procedure will be done with theuse of the lancet device. The device will be placed on the heel withthe piercing end flat against the skin. The heel will be pricked bypressing the button. Squeezing should not be immediate because sometime is needed for the firing mechanism. The applied tension will berelaxed after some time in order to allow the formation of the spot.The heel should be held in a manner that allows blood to hang untilthe drop is large enough. After the formation of a significantdroplet, the card will be held with the first circle below the heelto allow blood to drip into it. The drop should be aimed at thecenter of the circle. Following the same direction, five dropletsshould be collected. Once finished, the application of cotton woolis necessary to prevent excessive bleeding (Nspku.org, 2015).


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