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Organization:Kaiser Family Foundation

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Personcontacted: Drew E. Altman, CEO.

KaiserFamily Foundation is among nongovernmental organizations in theUnited States which plays an important role in the health careindustry. It addresses some of the pertinent issues affecting themodern health care system through collection, analysis and sharing ofinformation relating to policies, health care challenges and emergingtrends in the health care industry (Mark, 2009). While majority ofnongovernmental organization in the health care industry are involvedin the management of health care grants, Kaiser Family Foundation isan information based organization. Therefore, the management of thefoundation is very keen on the quality and accuracy of theinformation they are able to collect and the best strategies throughwhich the information will be able to reach the audience. Thus,Kaiser Family Foundation is involved in advanced analysis of keypolicies in the health care industry. They are also involved in awide range of surveys and studies to differentiate facts fromfiction. Additionally, the quality of health journalism has an impacton the health of the audience since the information from thefoundation is treated as authentic (Kaiser Family Foundation website,2015).

Thefoundation is always focused on activities that promote its cause. Itmainly focuses on the major policies proposed or implemented by thegovernment in the health care industry. This means that the agenda ofthe foundation is relatively flexibly in order to accommodateemerging trends and changes in the health care policies. Thus,whenever a health care issue emerged, the foundation should beequipped with factual information, in addition to being there.Nonetheless, there are some policy aspects that will always have animpact on the health care industry. This includes issues that arefrequent in the new such as increased cost of health care services,disparities in accessibility of health care services, HIV/AIDS andchronic conditions. Kaiser Family Foundation aims at initiatingdebate and passing information on health care issues affecting themasses in the modern society. Although the major health care issuesaffecting the masses find their way into the main media, and thus thegeneral public is able to identify them, in most cases, theinformation is not factual. Kaiser Family Foundation synthesis theinformation and ensure that its audience understands the issue(Kaiser Family Foundation website, 2015).

Toenable Kaiser Family Foundation remained focused to its primary roleas a non profit player in the health care industry, there are someprinciples that guiders it operation. These can also be considered tobe the mission statements of the foundation. The foundation alwaysstrives to produce accurate and factual analysis of health carepolicies in the United States as well as global policies. It alsocompiles public opinions on major issues that affect the health careindustry. The most important aspect of Kaiser Family Foundationactivities is how the information reaches the intended audience. Thefoundation can collect credible and useful information or conductcritical analysis on policies, but it is futile if the informationdoes not reach the intended audience (Kaiser Family Foundation,2012).

Beinga health journalism foundation, Kaiser Family Foundation has adedicated health news services called Kaiser Health News. This is thefirst health care news services by a non governmental organization.The news service is managed and operated by the foundation and actsof the main channel through which the foundation is able to passinformation to its audience. The journalists and reported in the newsservice are all employees of the organization. Additionally, thefoundation has recognized the immense role of emerging media inpassing information. The foundation has adopted the internet as oneof the most important channel through which it passes information.The most important internet based communication tool is thefoundation website. Using the website (,the foundation is able to share a wide range of information rangingfrom health care policies, health care costs, Medicare and Medicaid,HIV/AIDS, health insurance, women health policies and disparities inhealth care. Additionally, the website shares important informationabout the foundation activities, publications and news. Thefoundation is also active on major online social media such as facebook and twitter. The foundation has also been involved in majorcampaigns related to public health in America and beyond. Majority ofthese campaigns have aimed at reaching the youths with emphasis onHIV/AIDS, STIs and responsible sexual behaviors. For example, thefoundation has established itself as a leading source of informationon AIDS in South Africa. The organization played an important inlaunching media campaigns in different parts of the world through theGlobal Media AIDS initiative (Kaiser Family Foundation website,2015).

Thereis no doubt that Kaiser Family Foundation is able to attain itmandate by ensuring that the authentic information reach its intendedaudience. This is the main reason why other internationalorganizations, both state and non state, are willing to partner withthe foundation in addressing important health care issues in thehealth care industry, especially media campaigns. Additionally, thefoundation work was recognized in 2003, when their program “KnowHIV/AIDS and Fight for Your Rights: Protect Yourself Campaigns”worn the Peabody Award. However, there is a need to increase theeffectiveness of the foundation online media strategies. This isbecause online media is evolving into one of the most important toolof communication. Additionally, more partnership with establishedmedia organization around the world will increase the effective ofthe organization in achieving its mandate (Kaiser Family Foundationwebsite, 2015).


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