Health Care Trends and Challenges

Health CareTrends and Challenges

Health Care Trends andChallenges

Health Care Trends andChallenges

Accessibility andaffordability of health care remains an important challenge in thehealth care system. Advancement in technology, which has created newand specialized medical procedures, has an impact on theaccessibility and affordability of health care services. This isbecause some technology based services will be available toindividuals who can afford to pay for them. Although some of thetechnologies will have a positive impacts on the cost of health careservices, specialized medical care services will increase the gapbetween the rich and the poor. Some of the specialized treatment inthe future of medicine that will be available to those who can affordincludes management and monitoring of chronic diseases such ascardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Therapeutic medicine will alsoevolve into an essential medical procedure. However, due to the costof equipments used in rehabilitative and therapeutic medicine, whichmay involve genetic therapies in the future, this specializedtreatment will not be available to the poor. Basic prenatal medicalservices are not available to all mothers around the world. However,in advanced societies, mothers are able to access not only the basicprenatal medical care but also specialized prenatal monitoringthrough modern technologies. Therefore, while the future of medicinewill greatly depend on emerging technology, they will only beavailable to the few who can afford it (Dhawan, 2014). For example,in many developing countries, there are no enough hospitals toprovide basic health care services. These countries are unlikely toinvest in emerging technologies in the management of diseases. On theother hand, those who can afford specialized treatment can travel tothe developed countries for treatment since they can afford.


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