Health Care Policies and Accreditation

HealthCare Policies and Accreditation

HealthCare Policies and Accreditation

Toobtain an insight regarding health care policies as well asaccreditation, this paper will review three articles, namely ACAsPerformance Based Healthcare Standards, Road to Accreditation Road toAccreditation and CAHO Accreditation and Quality of Care for AcuteMyocardial Infarction. It is worth noting that accreditation is aprogram in which health care providers are evaluated by independentpeer reviewers. The process is done by comparing the way anorganization conducts its affairs against predetermined standards ofperformance.

Aglimpse review of the three articles argues that provision of qualityservice in medical institutions is very important. The institutionsstrive to give the best to their clients to ensure they gain theirconfidence. Health institutions are expected to meet certain levelsof performance in everything they do. Institutions can have their ownstandards but they need to be raised for them to give the best. Anaccredited institution has to utilize its resources well.

Medicalinstitutions are supposed to have clear policies that guide all theprocedures. The articles suggest that, accreditation forces theinstitutions develop clear guidelines for all their procedures ormost of them. In addition, accredited medical institutions streamlinetheir organizational structure in all areas. Although accreditationmay not change the attitudes of employees towards quality, they canbe motivated to achieve higher standards in their work.

Inthe course of their work, doctors and other medical staff makeerrors. From the articles, accreditation does not mean that mistakeswill be totally eliminated. However, there will be fewer instances oferrors because the workers are focused on delivering the best. Again,the guidelines that are designed for all the procedures swill helpthe workers avoid making errors. The institutions also determine waysof handling the effects of any mistakes or errors.

Frommy own view, accreditation can really change the way hospitals andmedical institutions delver their services. However, its effects willrequire commitment of all to be achieved. Although some accreditedhealth institutions have not achieved much in improving the deliveryof quality service, it is not reason enough for others to seekaccreditation. Therefore, accreditation should be based on results.


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