Group and Individual Activities

Groupand Individual Activities

Groupand Individual Activities


  1. The whole class will participate in the program.

  2. The class will be notified of the day and time of the program, the venue, the program line up and what is expected of each classmate.

  1. The activity will take place on Friday, 10th April 2015, at 2.00 pm in the main hall during the class farewell party.

  2. The class teacher will make the introductory note, followed by a thirty-minute group activities. This will be followed by a social cum snack session. Each person in the class should bring a gift to be shared among the classmates at the end of the program. The whole class will then clean up the hall before leaving for the day.


  1. Funny song or dance

  1. This will take the first five minutes.

  2. Four volunteer students will present a funny song or dance. This can be an individual or a group performance.

  1. Humorous or satirical story

  1. This is a five minutes activity.

  2. Two students will present to the group a humorous or satirical story.

Note:The two performances should be accompanied by use of costumes, soundeffects and gestures in a humorous manner.

  1. Main activity: Marshmallow Toss Game

  1. The activity will take about 20 minutes

  2. Aim: To have the team catcher catch the highest number of marshmallows with his / her mouth.

  3. Requirements

  1. Jump rope or a masking tape

  2. Marshmallow counters – volunteers from the class

  3. Garbage tins, cleaning materials and towels

  4. Marshmallow bags

  1. Instructions

  1. The class will make two long parallel lines on the ground using the masking tape or the jump rope.

  2. The class will be divided into groups of five people. Each group will select one marshmallow catcher.

  3. Each of the group will make a line behind one parallel lines while the catchers from each groups will line up behind the other parallel line.

  4. Each person in every team will hold three marshmallows which they will toss to the mouth of their team’s catcher once the activity start. The catchers are expected to catch as many marshmallows as possible with their mouths.

  5. Once the word ‘go’ is announced, the first person in each team will throw their marshmallows to the team’s catcher, then move to the back of the line and take three more marshmallows. Each person in the group will follow this procedure.

  6. The winner is the group whose catcher catches the most candies (“Great Group Games”, n.d.).


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