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The center of interest is on that features the multiplayer mode. It wasreleased on 1stOctober 2013. The purpose is to analyze the nature of this game, theenvironment as an online platform. The discussion further looks GrandTheft Auto forums to ascertain the nature of topics being deliberatedon and majorly scrutinize the views given by various players. Theforums to include,ROCKSTAR SUPPORT that is reachable through the link discussion will also look at what is said in the sitewww.gamefaqs.comon grandtheftautoonline.

First is the mention of the gamecontaining extremist themes that involve the use of drugs,unacceptable language use and violence. According to the author,players of the game are likely to steal cars, kill prostitutes afterthey have had sex with them (Teng, Chong, Siew &amp Skoric, 2011).Further, the individuals from the game can start relating to the useof drugs, tackling the police directly. However, the creativity inthe architecture of this game is thrilling, appealing. More so, thegraphic nature of the game makes it so attractive that one will notconsider leaving it. The player thus rated the game according to thequality of the game.

According to #1 Just_a_loser, &quotIseem to be hearing conflicting rumors about the requirements. Is itthat nothing can ever go wrong such as a target vehicle accidentallygetting destroyed causing quick restart or is it just actual playerdeaths that fail the challenge ?&quot (GrandTheft Auto Online,2015). Further, &quotifsomeone gets disconnected from a game, but no one dies, will thatfail the challenge as well? Given the current server errors I thinkwe should all be planning for the worst” (GrandTheft Auto Online,2015).

The response to this isillustrated by wnieves1 as given by this Url(,who indicates that there can be no deaths to cause mission to failand in case it happens, then you need skip that trip(Wikia, 2015). Theabove point illustrates the flaws in the game although there arecompensations in the form of bonuses especially in a group game whenfreezing causes a reset for one individual.

The discussion on ROCKSTARSUPPORT is about the nature of bugs, the problems related to GTAonline and the nature of bugs. Apart from the answers offered bymembers, Rockstar provides solutions to common problems. For instanceaccording X7JCash7X, “I went on GTA online after a week of beingoff and my rank was set at 1 and my apartment and vehicles appearedbecause I spawned in my garage, but as soon as I left everythingdisappeared I was level 40 or 41, is spent money on GTA online andnow all of my data is wiped”(Rockstar Support, 2015).

The role-playing of Trevor is amission-giving boss. Other unique bosses suited to Online includeGerald. Martin Madrazo in the GTA Online is always present at hishouse that exists in Vinewood Hills. On the other hand, Trevor isbased on the shores at Sandy. Lester advances the player nature ofthe character in GTA Online though briefly.


theftonline is a creatively designed game with unique graphics. Theadventures are impressive with excellent benefits such as bonuses andcash that can be used to acquire property and flashy cars. The gamehas various themes some that are very controversial to the generalnorms of the society. The various forums, three that I havementioned here critically discuss the strengths of the game,challenges, the bugs and requirements of the game. The communitysupport is healthy in providing solutions and support to some of theproblems.


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