Global Warming


Theproblem of global warming has developed over time and is threateningto wipe out the existence of life from the earth. This video by theNational Geographic describes the problem of global warming and putsthe concerns into perspective for the world to understand. Accordingto the National Geographic (1), there has been an unusual increase inthe global temperatures over the last century. National Geographic(1) reports that the rise of the global temperatures is due to humanactivities as found out by scientists. According to the NationalGeographic (2), the rise of the global temperature what is known asglobal warming.

Thevideo from the National Geographic shows different images andfootages of deserts and scenes that show the effect of hightemperatures. The video also shows the activities that lead toenvironmental degradation that lead to global warming. To asserttheir argument, the video shows the origin of the destructive humanactivities by presenting footages of the industrial revolution andthe world wars. According to the National Geographic (2), theseactivities led to the use of massive hydrocarbon fuels that releasedgreenhouse gases. The greenhouse gases led to the greenhouse effectthat leads to global warming. According to the National Geographic(2), global warming is increasing every day as the human populationis increasing the release of the greenhouse gases.

Thevideo is directly related to global warming because it describes themeaning, the causes and the impacts of the problem. The video alsogives the relevant statistics that support the argument about globalwarming. Moreover, the video provides the possible solutions to theproblem of global warming in the world.


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