Feminism and Liberty

Feminismand Liberty


Feminismand liberty

Inthe article “What`s a Modern Girl to Do?” the author is trying toshow how women empowerment has changed over the time. In thisarticle, it is outlined how women hoped to be equal to men and in thebeginning how they indulged in activities that made them moreindependent like men. However, this idea of feminism and itsegalitarian outlook would span more confusion in the women’s livesthan it would progress. This confusion as seen in the article isabout women being dependent or independent (Redfern, 2013).

Inthis article also portrays how the dating games have changed butremain the same. As though women today might have tried to change thehard to get game they still acknowledge it. This is because they knowthat men like the chase and do not want to be removed from theirhunter position. So even if they too want chase, the must incorporatemethods that make the man view himself still as the Hunter (Redfern,2013). However, there is looming trouble because women thought theycould have it all but instead they are losing much more. In thiswomen thought that by getting good jobs and high up corporateposition and have money they would eventually get married and have awonderful family. However, this is not entirely true, as men would gofor fewer successful women who care for them at some point. Also,this proves that successful women are still thriving to get married. In addition, the other notes that it is harder to be the best familywoman and best career woman at the same time.

Inanother article, “Boys on the Side” the author discusses how thehookup culture has replaced dating. The hookup culture is viewed as abad thing that has led to moral erosion and of having a bad influenceon women but women have no other choice than to participate. However,as the author paints it, it is the women who have engineered thisculture to push them further to success. As the women wants freedomto do and experience all what they want without attachments toanybody.

Inthis, girls want to experience the sexual liberty. In addition, thisliberty has brought to them many advantages. As girls in businessschool whom the author portrays as the most sexually aggressive areon average more successful than other single women. Hookups tend togive the woman ability to enjoy relationships that do not last verylong and therefore giving them time to do other things. The hookupculture also has provided a basis for women to derail marriage andengage in relationships that do not affect another area of theirlives like studies and career advancement. However, the sexualliberty engineered by women also liberated men in a very biggerproportion. In this, the men hold all the cards, and they can do allthey want in regards to sex, and women have no choice but to accept(Redfern, 2013). Although sometimes women get emotionally hurt theystill engage in hookups hoping that this time it would be different.

Thetwo article are similar since they show how women have tried to be asindependent as the men. However, as the author of the first articlewrites, it is a man’s world now more than ever. In addition, evenif the modern day women try has to avoid matters that make themdependent on men it will never work. Since it is better toacknowledge that the desire to connect deeply with the other willalways win in both sexes.

Inconclusion, from the first article we note that women need men asmuch as men need them. The family is important too. Hence for womenit is better to have someone to hold and keep warm than money thatwill just stay in a bank. In addition, the hookup culture needs to bemaintained for women to know their worth truly.


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