Mavis Bechtle is a senior vice president in Metro health and is thechief nursing officer. The roles and responsibilities of Mavis in theMetropolitan hospital as the Chief nursing officer start with being anurse leader. She has practiced her nursing career for over threedecades seeing her earn great credits and experience in the nursingprofession making her a role model to many aspiring nurses. Herresponsibilities as the chief nursing officer include implementingthe organization’s plans for provision of quality patient care.Overseeing all the nursing aspects, development of suitable healthpolicies, procedure and standards of care and the management ofinpatient nursing services are also her duties ( Her past experience from other health facilities and theUniversity hospital has enabled her to develop proficiency as a nurseleader and she understand very well about the patients needs. Herleadership roles have also perfected her caring skills, which is veryimperative for nurses.

Metro health as an organization has its mission, vision, values andbeliefs as delivering quality care to patients. Leading the way for ahealthier community through the provision of services, teaching,teamwork and discovery is the system’s mission. They have a visionto become the most admired public health system in the state and be arenowned organization for innovation, outcomes, financial strengthand services. Metro health values include teamwork, accountability,respect, service to others, quest for excellence, inclusion anddiversity. The team of health practitioners and nurses working inMetro health are mission and vision driven and strive to realize thebelief of becoming an excellent hospital that stands out in the globe(about, 2015).

To achieve her goals as a nurse Mavis employs her strategic plan andempowers other nurses towards achieving the system’s objectives.The Nurse Leader strategic plan as it relates to the institute ofmedicine quality initiatives and provide patient care centered corecompetency includes adhering to all stipulated nurse code of conductand ethics. According to the standard conduct for clinical nurseleaders, the (clinical nurse leader) CNL must demonstrate ethicalbehavior that leads to provision of safe and humanistic health carefor patients and maintain competencies through continuing education.Mavis received her bachelor of science in nursing and has masters inthe same field from Northern Kentucky University.

Currently Mavis is pursuing her doctor of nursing practice in theCincinnati University. She employs one of the five core competenciesof nursing in an incredible way to nursing. Her application toquality healthcare improvement is evident through her research workand contribution in the nursing field. She has contributed to safeand humanistic services through published research on the impact ofinfluenza on healthcare employees, best practices for nurse retentionor recruitment, successful co-op programming and nursing. Mavis workhas gone a long way in ensuring that quality patient care is improvedis all aspects.

The conducted core competency focused interview with Mavis was veryinteresting. Despite her busy schedule, she took time off to meet mefor coffee as I carried on with the interview. I realized that she isa kindhearted woman with a special sense of care. No wonder she hasmanaged to make it in the nursing profession through the years as anurse leader. Mavis made me realize the role of the BSN preparednurse to support the strategic plan as a related factor to selectionof the IOM core competency. A BSN prepared nurse has all the academicqualifications that make them well prepared to meet the demanding IOMcore competencies during nursing practice. According to Finkelman(2012), BSN nurses are trained to work as part of inter professionalteams, must deliver patient centered care, practice evidence-basedmedicine, focus on improving quality and use informatics to deliverthe best care for patients.

From the time spent with the interviewee nurse, I learnt a lot. Thebrief interview with Mavis inspired me to become a better nurse as Iborrowed ideas on how to become a competent nurse. She taught me howto develop strategies in different environments that I will beexposed to work for like the hospitals, healthcare, pharmacies andlaboratory. She also taught me how to form good relations with myfellow teams as the nursing team is never complete when people do notwork as team. Her advice on how to always deliver patient centredcare and maintain the ethical code of nursing was timeless.

According to Mavis, a good nurse leader should always follow theoutlined principles that encapsulate the set of values and behaviorsof CNL. They should have altruism, which is the concern for thewell-being of others, they should be accountable having the right andcompetence to act, have human dignity, social justice and practiceintegrity with accordance to the accepted standards of practice. Herdemonstration of honesty and care taught me to improve my profession.She upholds legal and humanistic principles as reflected in hertreatment under the law. My nursing practice had changed completelybecause of the encounter and exposure I had with Mavis after thisassignment.


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