Earth Science


Atthe commencement of this semester, I had high expectations for theearth science subjects. In addition, prior learning the subject, Ihad many assumptions about earth science topic of which some turnedto be valid, whereas others were invalid. Nearly everything in theworld is one way or the other connected to the earth: to itsatmosphere, oceans, land, animals, or land. The food we eat, theclothes we wear, the air we breathe, our homes and workplace are allfound, taken from, move through, or surrounds the topic of earthscience. Therefore, to live perfectly on this planet, one needs tounderstand its interaction with the components that form the earth.Earth science topic offers an integrated and interdisciplinaryapproach to the earth and its essentials.

Thereare three subtopic of earth science: astronomy, meteorology (weatherand climate, and geology. Prior this subject, I found it difficult todifferentiate the three. Astronomy is the study of earth position inthe universe meteorology is the study of climate change over timewhile geology is the study of the solid earth. My expectations wereto learn more on the three subtopic. In addition, I wanted to learnthe origin of the earth, and the mechanics that shape the planetearth. With no doubt, I can confidently say earth science topic hasanswered these questions. Actually, I have met all my expectations.

Priorstudying the earth science subject, I assumed there was no greatrelationship between the earth and the atmosphere. Unfortunately,this assumption turned to be invalid. In addition, I assumed that theearth is the most magnificent planet. On the contrary, the earth iseven among the biggest planet. Further, I assumed the earth planetfor human survival, which is not true. But, now I think earth is themost suitable planet for human survival. Overall, I have greatlylearnt a lot, and I look forward to the other topic related to earthscience.