Does Technology Alienate People?

DoesTechnology Alienate People?

Iwill have to agree with Sherry Turkle.

Shemakes an interesting observation that whenever she is meeting people,they are losing themselves in technology. For example, she goes to afamily meeting, like dinner and notices that everybody is texting,tweeting, sharing on social networks. It is almost as if they aretrying to be at two places at once.

Technicallyspeaking, they are trying to be at too many places at the same time.There is nothing wrong in updating on Facebook or Tweeting whensomeone shows up at a social joint. However, it looks like thesociety, in general, is going too far with it. In fact, I haveexperienced it myself. I get to meet a friend I have not seen in awhile, almost a year. I have just started speaking with him, when hegets a notification on his phone.

Rightaway, he pulls out his phone and starts interacting with the person.It is almost insulting. Here I am, a person sitting in front of himand there is my friend, interacting on his phone. Also, the bookauthor makes a point about the quality of interactions that arehappening. She talks about the high volume of interactions. Thequestions seem to get simpler and perhaps even sillier.

Shetalks about the quality of information being diluted across multipleinteractions. “Thereis so much information, when I meet a person for real there is not alot to converse.”Lack of conversation pretty much alienates everybody around us. Shealso talks about how Facebook has become like a performance platform.People think that Facebook is some sort of drama center. That is justnot cool.

Shetalks about being in touch with people. That can only happen withface to face interaction. I flat out agree with her.


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