Doctoral Community Network


DoctoralCommunity Network

DoctoralCommunity Network

TheDoctoral College offers numerous resources useful for students. To besuccessful in your doctoral studies, you must demonstrate the bestskill associated with your job category. Therefore during theresearch process, engage in multidisciplinary and cross disciplinaryactivities with other students and faculty to enhance your success.Review proposals, grants and papers written by others to gain moreinsight on what it takes to conduct a successful research.

The is an online learning platform thatfacilitates content sharing for students of the same discipline.Similarly, the University advocates for critical reflection s toenhance innovation. I will use the available resources to read,analyze and reflect on other students’ content, then come up with aresearch gap on what has not been accomplished by previousresearches.

TheDC network resources can result in ethical dilemma of academic fraud.Students can misuse the previous projects and papers done by otherstudents. The use of internet learning may result in breach ofcomputer ethics, lack of human subject protection in research and nonadherence to copy protection and copyright or internet sources.Students may offer improper assistance to other students or seekwriting assistance. This may result in non adherence to thestipulated academic regulations, poor use of academic sources anddistortion of collected data.


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