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Question:Lee Iacocca suggested that the organization that has the bestdistribution and service would win all the marbles. Is this anaccurate statement to make? Why or why not?


Advancementin technology has eliminated the possibility of a market beingmonopolistic. Instead, it has created a competitive environment wherefirms strive to survive. The above statement is accurate. For anyfirm to survive in today’s market, the firm should ensure it has acompetitive advantage over the rest. Having the best distributionnetwork, as well as provision of quality services, are some of theways through which a firm can have a competitive advantage.(Institute of leadership and management, 2013)

Agood distribution network will eliminate the unnecessary processesand ensure that the goods reach the customer in good time. Thereduction in delivery of goods will good’s quality do not reducebefore reaching the customer. The customer will, therefore, besatisfied and thus will remain loyal to the business. (Atkinson,2010)

Provisionof quality services not only maintain customers’ loyalty but alsoattract new customers. Those customers who have obtained qualityservices from the business will recommend other people to seek thesame services from the said business. The Vodafone Company is doingwell because it has ensured that its delivery system is quick, andits services are of high quality. (Woodside, 2014)


Discussethical challenges that have come with increased Internet use. Whichof these represents the greatest challenge to ethical marketing?Why?Answer:

Theinternet has made conducting of various business activities simple,effective and efficient. (Westerman, Bonnet &amp McAfee, 2014)However, with the increased use of internet, there are certainethical issues that have come up. Privacy issue is among theseethical issues. Today, it is easier to spy on someone. Hackers canget access to a business’s database and steal information from it,including information about the business’s customers.

Thereis creation of a digital divide through the use of internet. Thedivide has been created between the developed and developingcountries. The developed countries can enjoy the benefits ofinformation technology while the developing countries find it hard toenjoy the same benefits. As such, the developed countries have acompetitive advantage. Digital divide is an ethical issue. Copyrightinfringement is also an example of the ethical issues that hasresulted from the use of internet. The musicians, for example, arefinding it hard to sell the music they produce. The produced musiccan be easily and freely be accessed on the internet. (Ferrell,Fraedrich, 2014)

Thegreatest challenge to ethical marketing is the digital divide. Due totechnological advancement, business have resulted in the use of theinternet to market their products. However, quite a number of peoplein these developing countries do not have access to internet, and assuch may not obtain the information about certain products that aremarketed offline. The business will, therefore, be doing them adisservice. (Arnold, 2009)


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