Diageo Article Review


DiageoArticle Review

Diageo plc is aBritish multinational company that deals with alcoholic beverages.Its headquarters is in London, England. Diageo is the largestproducer of beer, spirits, and wine. The company’s brands includeJohnnie Walker, the global best-selling Scotch whisky blendSmirnoff, the global best-selling vodka Baileys, which is the bestselling liquor and Guinness, the best-selling stout. Therefore, forbetter review of the company, the information was partly gatheredthrough an interview carried out by the reviewer with therepresentative from the company.

  1. Diageo plc was created with a goal to become one of the world’s most respected and trusted companies, while achieving their intended goals of delivery and sustenance of best performance all through. The company’s management style is solely based on commanding interpersonal skills, with an ability to motivate teamwork, in presentable manner, and excellent communication skills (Diageo, 1998). Diageo’s strategy is to drive margin expansion and top line growth in a responsible and sustainable manner to ensure consistent creation of value.

  2. Diageo plc’s employee pool consists of both skilled and unskilled, with both the men and women. The labor pools consist of those employees that can operate the company’s production and distribution, which include malting, breweries, maturation warehouses, distilleries, wineries, vineyards, packaging plants, and distillation warehouses (Diageo, 1998). Employees’ benefit package includes rewards, salaries and bonuses, well-being, and training and career development.

  3. The turnover rate for every employee in the company is estimated at 419, 976.80 pounds. This is the rate registered as of the year ending 2014 (Jernigan &amp Babor, 2015).

  4. The company had been in operation since 1997. The company was formed following a merger between Grand Metropolitan and Guinness.

  5. The company’s profits have been fluctuating since 2004 however, it has managed to maintain a steady. In 2004 for instance, the annual turnover was 8.89 pounds with a profit rise of 1.87 pounds following an exceptional taxing system. Just like in 1997, the first few months of 2015 have seen the company record a 5% increase in profits. This was a slight increase by 1.4% from 2014 (Jernigan &amp Babor, 2015).

  6. The company is recognized as a consumer goods company with the portfolio of being the world’s most celebrated drink brands, range of site details, and the best performer. Again, it was recognized in 2014 as the 20th best multinational places one can work in.

  7. Yes. I would work for Diageo. This is because the company is now recognized for providing a good working environment, while being the best place to work. The company also provides generous benefits to its employees through their careers. These benefits include assistance with expenses related to health, which include prescription drugs, vision and dental plans, and medical (Jernigan &amp Babor, 2015). They also give tax advantages through deductions from pre-tax payroll and consumer expenses. Finally, the company provides retirement security for the future through the cash balance plans and the 401 (k).

  8. Yes. I would invest in the company. This because Diageo has recently ploughed large sums of money into establishing vast number of premium brands, a program that is projected to deliver over 14% increase across its range of products during the remaining 6 months ending 2015, according to Jernigan &amp Babor (2015). Also, latest research states that Leviathan drink has backed the perfect horse as a result of seismic shift through consumer demographics, and most importantly, the company has risen in wealth from the developing regions.


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