Death and dying


When my uncle made that shrieking call from the hospital bed wheremy aunt had been lying for the past two weeks, a deep wave of fearcut across my stomach as I expected the worst. We rushed to get aglimpse of what was happening and as nurses surrounded our aunttrying to resuscitate her, I could see the angel lifting her tiredsoul. She had fought the fight and finished the race. That was myrecent experience with death. However though a sad experience, it wasnot the worst because losing my brother was the worst. He died in hisprime age, at just 22 with so much to live for. According to Corr etal, (2009) death, dying and bereavement remind us that we are finite,limited beings.

Walking in the streets of gold and seeing my loved ones who leftyears ago and the thought of being reunited with them forever is thegreatest happiness that death brings. Constant thoughts of meetingGod, seeing His majesty and being far from pain and sorrow motivateme whenever I think of death. Though like any other human being I amafraid that I will be gone in a way that I do not know, I am surethat we all want to escape the worries of this world and rest inpeace one day.

Just in the same way that I never knew about my birth or where I wasbefore birth, I am hopeful that God will hold my hand after life andtake me back home for eternal rest. Being very religious is one thingthat has always given me confidence about death and knowing thatthere is a better place for me once I exit the face of the earth.Reading God’s word has always been my source of strength and deathfor me is not something to fear (Rosen, 2008). Living a life withoutthe purpose on earth is my greatest fear.

Before I die I want to release an album with the songs of praise andworship for that is my greatest purpose on earth. I want the world tosing along with me and praise the Maker of heaven and earth, who isthe reason for which we live and move. After my songs have passedmessages to the world and served the purpose of praising andworshipping God I will be ready to go. I do not want a tragic deaththat will take me away at once or make me suffer for months from adisease that will leave my body wasted for lack of cure before dyingeither. Being killed is the worst form of death and I just want torest on my bed peacefully then exit from earth in my sleep.

There I will sleep forever knowing that I have left my music legacyalive. Songs sung from the heart never die they live for years longafter we die. That will be my legacy for this and the futuregenerations. After I am gone, I want to be laid to rest next to mybrother, that way my body will be resting next to someone close tome.

After death, there is another side of life that I have always heardand known to be better for those who love and live for God. Life inparadise is described as beautiful with all glory after the judgmentday. According to Rosen (2008), we will be judged according to ourdeeds and if our actions on earth are found to be pleasant, we willenjoy eternal life in paradise but if our actions are found to bewicked we will burn forever in hell. The word of God also reminds methat we are not condemned if we believe in Him and I know I will walkthe streets of gold one day.


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