Critical Thinking



Question1: Define the concept of critical thinking in your own words. Discussa time in either your work or personal life in which you needed to beable to use critical thinking to either solve a problem or acquire askill.

Criticalthinking is thinking in regard to any subject, problem or content inwhich the thinker carries out thorough analysis on the issuesassociated with the subject, content or problem and come up with asustainable answer or solution. Critical thinking is thinking of highquality where the thinker skillfully analyses, evaluates andreconstructs his or her thinking before making a decision.

Ionce had a situation at job whereby one of my colleagues accusedanother of misconduct and did not want to be cited as the source ofinformation. However, the case required a witness to attest to theclaims so that he or she could substantiate the claims. Being thehead of the department I had to use critical thinking skills to solvethe dilemma without affecting the relationship between the twoemployees.

Toshow my critical thinking skills to a potential employer, I wouldanswer to the interviews with a lot of caution so as not to soundirrational. I would provide answers which giving answers which areobjective.

Ibelieve a person can improve his or her critical thinking skills.There are several simple steps that one can take to enhance theircritical thinking skills including improving questioning skills byquestioning things, assumptions, and even authority of information(Moore,Parker &amp Rosenstand, 2011).Secondly, one needs to adjust his or her perspective by understandingone’s biases, thinking ahead of the obvious, reading great books,and putting oneself in other people’s viewpoint. Finally, puttingeverything together by understanding all the available options,interacting with people who are smarter, and being ready to failuntil you make it.

Question2: From the Website, select one (1) topic of yourchoice and read the Pro section and the Con section on the selectedtopic. Next, choose three (3) reasons listed under the Pro sectionand three (3) reasons listed under the Con section. Based on thebiases discussed in Chapter 2 and the reasons presented at website: ◦State your position on the selectedtopic. Determine the biases you experienced as you examined thereasons for and against your position. Describe your reaction to yourexperience of these biases.

Thedebate on whether or not citizens should be allowed to carryconcealed handguns is a hot issue in the contemporary United States.In the website, various reasons have been provided forand against carrying concealed handguns by citizens. Both sides havetheir own biases. My position is that, people should not be allowedto carry concealed handguns. This is because it would be easier tocontrol guns including illegal ones, leaving the role of security totrained personnel. Those for the debate are biased in that theyassume every citizen is responsible and cannot commit murderunnecessarily. They are also biased in that, they presume crime asrampant in the country and hence citizens require their individualsafety measures to protect themselves from criminals. On the otherhand, those against assume that not allowing citizens to carryconcealed handguns will leave the population safe from illegal gunowners. They are also biased in that they believe crime increasesdue to presence of concealed handguns, which is not the case as mostcrimes are committed using illegal firearms. These biases made seethe importance of critical thinking in any problem solving ordecision making. Although I settled for one of the positions whichare against gun ownership, I evaluated, assessed and rethought mypoints in all perspectives. Bias can lead to poor quality thinking.Question3: Use the Internet to search an example of an enthymeme in the media(e.g., Internet, television, radio, newspapers, etc.). Next, explainthe example you searched and identify the implied premise in theenthymeme example.

Advertisersusually use enthymemes in their ads so as to send the message home.One such ad is ads involving cars. The line, “If you buy this caryou will have more sexual satisfaction” is a line in an ad which isexpected to appeal to men as the target market. The ad implies that,women are attracted to men with expensive cars and it is a guaranteeto have women when you own such a car. The implied premise is sex.


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