Contrast and Comparison; My Best Friend and I Number

Contrastand Comparison My Best Friend and I


Contrastand Comparison My Best Friend and I

Friendshipis an important part of our existence and each one of us needs a bestfriend. Most of our best friends are so similar to us in terms oftheir personality, attitude to life and interest. Despite thesimilarities, we also have various differences as each one of us isunique. My friend comes from Saudi Arabia, while am an American. Wecame to know each other she, and her family relocated to the UnitedStates with her parents. After being friends for 5 years now, andanalyzing our friendship, there are differences and similaritiesbetween us. This paper is a comparison, contrast essay between me andmy best friend Aisha.

First,my best friend and I are both adventurous. We both love nature and asa result, we find ourselves exploring new places every now and then,and when we have time such as during school holidays. This has drawnus close together and strengthened our friendship as we have a way tospend our time having fun. We have various memories that we havecreated together as we explored and we treasure each of them.

Secondly,we both care, and support each other in the best way we can, whichhas been our basis for friendship. Each one of us values ourfriendship a lot and would like to keep it going for as long as weare alive. This is evidenced by the sacrifices that my best friendtakes so as to keep our friendship. I too treasure our relationshipand have had my share of sacrifices as well. We both wish to continuewith our friendship and be there for each other as well as drive eachother to higher heights in our lives.

Myfriend loves sports activities, for her physical fitness and keepinghealthy, especially swimming. She goes for a jog thrice a week.Likewise, I also love sporting and keeping healthy as it makes mefeel in control of my life. We usually go jogging together wheneverwe have time. However, when it comes to the school sporting events,she is a member of the school’s swimming team while I am inbasketball for the school team. This is majorly due to our views ondifferent games. Personally, I find swimming a dangerous game whilemy best friend sees it as a safe and fun game. She detests basketballdue to the contact involved as opposed to swimming.

Oneof the major difference between my friend and I, is the aspect ofreligion, am a Christian, she is a Muslim. Despite these differencesin believes, we still discuss matters related to faith together andshare different teachings from both the bible and the Quran. Inaddition, we have different career paths. My friend has over timelooked forward to becoming a recognized medical doctor, whereas Ihave my focus in the business market specifically, consultant in realestate business. We dream of sometimes, combining our finances andestablishment a common business entity in the future.

Inconclusion, my best friend and I have learnt to utilize oursimilarities to strengthen our friendship, as well as respect eachother’s differences. We also have accepted each other with noconditions despite the differences that may exist between us. Thishas helped us to remain friends for 5 years now, and despite hisbackground (Saudi Arabia), we still dream big in our futureendeavors.