is the action that involves the increase in the consumption of goods,and services by consumers. According to consumerism, it is speculatedthat the concept is desired for the growth of the economy. Other thanthat, consumerism also refers to the notion of protecting consumersfrom harmful policies. It advocates for the eradication of thosepractices that interfere with the rights of consumers. Furthermore,consumerism is also the concept that makes consumers to greatly cravefor goods, and services (Sheumaker &amp Wajda, 2008).

InAmerica, consumerism has been observed, and it needs to be done awaywith before it is too late. It is required that every human beingmust have basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, and education.However, when there is excessive desire for those goods and servicesthat are not basic, consumerism is observed. It is important torealize that consumerism is a problem of all Americans. It should beobserved that it is not only the bourgeoisie who are affected ratherconsumerism affects Americans from all social classes. Among thesepeople, it has been noted that a good number of them put their moneyinto luxuries such as cars, and fancy items (Sheumaker &amp Wajda,2008). Most of these items are often purchased as a result of impulseshopping, and are items that are not basic in the lives of theseAmericans.

Fora long time, the Americans have been urged to watch theirconsumption, and only acquaint themselves with basic requirements.Due to the fact that consumerism focuses on a sole individual, theresolution therefore, would be to invest more in the society. In thismanner, the Americans would be able to participate in communityservice, and for this reason, they would not focus on theirindividual wants as such. The Americans resorting to communityservice in lieu of individualism has greatly assisted in theeradication of consumerism (Sheumaker &amp Wajda, 2008).

Furthermore,in America, there has been a debate in regard to education, andconsumerism. It has been observed that schools in America do notfocus on instilling values in students rather they only look intoacademic work. There is contemplation as to why the schools are notable to incorporate the community service skills in students, andassist them in doing away with consumerism. Nevertheless, it isimportant to note that there are some schools that have taken theinitiative to ensure that the American students do not grow upfunctioning on individualism. The introduction of school uniforms invarious schools has made it easier for the students to treat eachother equally (Sheumaker &amp Wajda, 2008). Also, there are thoseschools that participate in community service, and voluntary work,and this is another that way that assists in eradicating the problemof consumerism.

Insummation, it is important to realize that dealing with the problemof consumerism is a gradual process. It is impossible to expect thatthe Americans focus on community service rather than individualismwithin a short span of time. In fact, it could take many years beforethe problem is completely wiped out of America. In addition, theAmericans should not forget their priorities because it is thatgesture that results in consumerism. It is also important to notethat it is not all the Americans who will embrace the change, and forthis reason, there are still those citizens who will be trapped inthe bondage of consumerism (Sheumaker &amp Wajda, 2008).


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