Comparison and Contrast McDonald`s versus Wendy`s


Comparisonand Contrast: McDonald’s versus Wendy’s

Comparison and Contrast: McDonald’s versus Wendy’s

Historically,fast foods restaurants are known to serve fast foods that have highfat processed content. In spite of these stereotype, the tworestaurants, McDonald’s and Wendy’s, currently offers menuchoices that are low in carbohydrates and saturated fats whilemaintaining the original taste. These two restaurants are placedunder the same category of fast foods, and yet the two menus possessdifferent, but noticeable characteristics. However, despiteconsiderably differing in the presentation and variety, bothrestaurants offer numerous choices of salads to choose from.

Wendy’srestaurant presents a wide selection of healthy menu, whileMcDonald’s began to offer the same selection recently. McDonald’sserves a variety of healthy alternative foods, which include fruityogurt parfait that have the entire natural ingredients with 2.1grams of fats. Again, the restaurant offers the green apple slicesadorned with kid’s menu (Arduser, 2003). Its menu is also redeemedwith a new shift to more healthy choices of sandwiches. Their menuhas delicious delicacy such as the Chicken Fajitas, McVeggie Burger,and Wheat Chicken McGrill. These choices have fat content that rangesfrom 4.2 grams to 6.5 grams. The menu also has Big Mac that has 32grams of fat and Double Quarter Pounder with 43 grams of fat.

Wendy’srestaurant in comparison differs greatly from what McDonald’s menulooks like. The menu include a Pecan Chicken Salads that has perfectmix of real blue crumbles of cheese, roasted pecans, sweetcranberries, and a chicken fillet Bit Cobb Chicken Salad, which is acrisp smoked bacon, and hard-boiled eggs Baja Chili Salads, a mix ofsoutheast flair, slow simmered chili, guacamole, cheese, hamburger,fries, vanilla frosty, and lemonade(Arduser, 2003).

McDonald’s andWendy’s restaurants both have different kind of equipment used toprepare different menu. They both have a number of similarities interms of the equipment because both deals with fast foods. Thesimilarities also involve the use of glass merchandise countertoprefrigerator, freezer, refrigerator, microwave, espresso machine,flat griddle, and high BTU fryer. However, there is few number ofequipment that contrasts between the two restaurants. Wendy’s has auniquely fine dining establishment that demands more mixers thanMcDonalds (Arduser, 2003). Again, McDonalds has dicing equipment thathas been made different to fit their needs.

In comparison,the two restaurants have refrigerators and freezers that ensure thatprepared food are kept in the back. First, the menu dictates thatthere has to be a table well set, and any other equipment that isrequired in order to sample the ingredients. There is need for bothrestaurants to acquire whatever types of different kitchen equipmentand hardware they will require, as well as necessary equipment neededfor quick and self-service (Arduser, 2003). For example, there is asimilarity between the two restaurants, which is evidenced bybeverage equipment used for either the workers or customers.

Considering theprices of ingredients in the market, Wendy’s differs fromMcDonald’s by offering a limited-time premium prices to its menu.The prices ranges between $4.49 and 5.5$ on average while that ofMcDonald’s differs by $5.5 and $6.1 charged in most of its fastfoods (Arduser, 2003). These fats foods are mostly similar since theyinvolve cheeseburger, bacon portabella, and brioche bun. In addition,the purchasing system used by the two fast foods restaurant ispayment by order. However, McDonald’s defer a little since it hasembraced the use of mobile phone that allows their customers to payelectronically without handing over money on the counter.


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