Compare and Contrast with Point Form


Compareand Contrast with Point Form

Compareand Contrast with Point Form

Trespassby Julia Alvarez and Lesliein Californiaby Andre Dubus are stories that embody the experiences of women innew environments. In both stories women face the travails ofdisplacement especially in the way they relate with men. In Trespass,Carla, a girl in puberty from an immigrant family from the DominicanRepublic that settled in America, faces hostility from boys nativeboys at school. The boys realize that she is naïve of American lifeand they bully her, throw stones at her, telling her to go back toher country. At this point, she becomes conscious of her changingbody. Carla only resolves her troubles through imagination of livingamong people who love her. Carla’s story summarizes the challengesof a young woman in puberty in society that does not accommodate her.Lesliein California isa woman who contends with her drinking and abusive husband. They livein New England, California. She looks out through the screen door.Leslie can see out, she is can get out of the house, but she istrapped inside by the life she has in California. Thetwo women deserve sympathy from the society, but Carla is youngerthan Leslie. There is no way she can control her circumstances,because even her parents are torn between two cultures. Carladeserves more sympathy.

Howthe two women deal with their predicament

Leslie’shusband, Kevin assaults her thrice. Kevin lives in the illusion ofalcohol. There are other challenges that the young family faces thatshow Leslie’s resilience such as electricity is occasionally turnedoff. Leslie endears herself to husband by cooking breakfast for himregardless his violence. Leslie is so confined that the only weaponsshe thinks about to strike back at her husband are the domesticutensils and tools in the house such as ice picks, cooking forks,hammers, knives, skillet claviers, and the wine bottles he bringshome. Leslie was mature enough to consider defending herself. Carla,on the other hand, is defenseless. The circumstances do not give herthe chance to do so because even her own parents are affected by theclash of cultures in a new country. Furthermore, Carla is in herpuberty and she also grapples with her changing body. The hostileboys that tease at school affect her self-esteem. However, sheperseveres and tries to get along with by learning more about whatthey like. Some of the things Carla tries to learn are the types ofcars. She even imagines herself being driven in an expensive car. Sheknows that it is inconceivable to think about cars because herparents cannot afford it.

Whileboth women face the same challenge while relating with men, they dealwith problem differently. Leslie has the capability to handle theintrigues of an abusive marriage. Carla only escapes her predicamentthrough her imaginations and she is, indeed, disillusioned.


Althoughit may be difficult for the reader to pass a judgment on whom betweenCarla and Leslie the sympathy of the society, Carla deserves it. Carlo was younger than Leslie, and she had lesser control over herlife than Leslie. Leslie is an adult with the capability to protectherself considering the challenges that a traditional Latino familyhad to face to acculturate into the American society. Thus, thesociety would be more justified to express more sympathy for Carlafor her predicament than Leslie in cognizance of their differingcircumstances.