Company Overview




GenerationX is a brand new Company that supply expertise in search marketingsolutions for Companies all over the world. These solutions includeonline advertising, search engine optimization techniques to betterits clients positioning in the search engines and website promotion.The Company also caters to the higher education market encompassinguniversities, colleges, and professional educational institutions.The plan for the Company in the next five years is to have at leastfive customers from each continent except in the United States ofAmerica. Generation X was founded in 7thFebruary, 2014 as a one-person initiative. However, many hurdles hadto be overcome and with the help of a few key people, the Company wasduly formed. The Company formation was with the realization thatsearching for a particular business on the internet is hectic asmostly you find only the major multinationals. In an endeavor tounderstand why start-ups or small to middle-level businesses webpresence is low consequently the business idea was ignited.

Themanagement team is comprised of four people with me as the ChiefExecutive Officer (CEO). Therefore, the next tier is comprised of twodivisions with one handling the marketing aspects of the Companywhile the other handling the day-to-day service to the client. TheCEO work is to ensure the Company overall strategies are formulatedthen implemented the five years plan. This involves looking at theday to day operations of the Company including the marketingapproaches to satisfy our clients also attracts new business in newterritories. The marketing department runs by Mr. Gates implementsthe marketing aspects of the strategies changing it to meet theprevailing business environment better. The technical division, whichhandles the day-to-day operations, run by Miss. Clara does the actualwork of building websites, search engine optimization among otherthings. The other two Miss Baylor and Miss Sanchez work under MissClara in the technical department. Generation X is a sole proprietorbusiness operated by the owner that is why the administrativestructures are easy to form and work. Currently, the business ishome-based, and, therefore, the operating cost is minimal (Fontana,2010, p. 21).


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