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Makingvaccination mandatory for school children is violation of children’srights and privacy. However, it is critical to carry out themandatory vaccination to children because it helps in saving livesand protecting against spread of diseases. The option of notimmunizing a kid because it seems to be a violation of the right ofprivacy may put a kid at risk of catching a disease being immunizedagainst a move that may even lead to death (Ciolli,2008).Vaccines are not meant to harm because they have to be tested by theFood and Drug Administration (FDA) so as to ensure that they are safeand effective. Most children vaccines have been estimated to be90-99% effective in disease prevention (Ciolli,2008).Therefore, although rights of children may be violated throughmandatory vaccination, mandatory vaccination is necessary in order toensure that children are not put into the risk of contracting deadlydiseases since this may be injurious to the economy as a whole.Nevertheless, parents need to be given an opportunity to decidewhether their children would take the vaccines or not even if thevaccines are necessary.


Fromthe Podcast, HPVVaccination,it emerges that it is possible to protect young males and femalesfrom Human Papillomavirus through the use of HPV vaccination. Failureto vaccinate young females and males through the HPV vaccination,young females and males can become infected by different types ofcancers. This indicates vaccinations as being important in preventingthe spread of diseases. From the podcast, the danger of diseases suchas cervical cancer is preventable through vaccination. Therefore,dangers of some deadly diseases can be mitigated or prevented throughvaccinations.


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