Communication Breakdown


Communicationis crucial in all aspects of management as it helps in passingrelevant information. Therefore, it is paramount to invest in goodcommunication strategies in any organization. Otherwise,communication breakdown can negatively affect work performance.

Anexample of communication breakdown that I observed was two employeeswho performed a similar task independently only to realize that theyhad duplicated each other’s work. The supervisor gave two pieces ofwork that needed to be done on that day. However, he did not say whowas to do what. Without following up, both employees duplicated thework and left the other piece of work undone. One of the employeeshad to remain and do the other piece of work. This wasinconveniencing because she had to go home late after wasting thewhole day duplicating someone else’s work. Although the supervisoris to blame for miscommunication, the employees should also share theblame.

Thecommunication breakdown could have been avoided by having clear rolesand responsibilities. The supervisor should have clearly defined theroles of each of the employees for efficiency and effectiveness. Inaddition, he should have communicated with them when he issued thework to avoid the chaos he caused. Likewise, the employees shouldhave consulted each other before starting to work on the assignments.Balding (2011) claims that one of the reasons why an organizationfails is lack of defining roles of each employee. In addition, heconfirms that employees and supervisors should communicateeffectively if work is to be done. Employee to employee communicationis also crucial in many cases especially where there are assignmentsto be completed. Clearly, communication breakdown drags anorganization because it leads to low work performance.


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