Comminuted Assessment Strategies

ComminutedAssessment Strategies

CommunityAssessment Strategies

Everycommunity has diverse needs than they need to be addressed. Evenafter holding discussions, it is not easy to reach an agreement onthe kind of problems to address at a particular time. Beforeembarking on any community project, it is important to find what thepeople would like to be addressed. The only way to identify theproblem to address and how to go about it is by community assessment.A community assessment also helps to identify the resources availableto tackle the particular issue (Schempf, Kaufman, 2012). Through anassessment, the community realizes the magnitude of the problem andwhat is available to deal with it. It is a way that will ensure thecommunity is moving in the right direction while utilizing theresources effectively. So as to obtain all the details required forthis purpose, a plan must be developed. This essay will show how todevelop a plan to gather information about a particular communityproblem.


Whenconducting any kind of assessment, it is important to be familiarwith the community of focus. Having an understanding of the peopleliving in the community, as well as its issues and past will help toget the desired information. Further, it will help to understand howindividuals and groups within the community relate (Chandra, Skinner,2004). The desired results of any community effortwill be achievedquickly if effort is made to have an understandingof the communityfirst. This requires having a perfectunderstanding of its history,current issues and even predictwhat might happen in future. Acommunity is basically a group of people in a given locality. Acommunity can further refer to a group that is joined by the sharingof something in common. They are in either small or largegeographicallocations.

Demographicand epidemiological data

Whenseeking to understand a community various aspects have to beconsidered. The community being studied may not be geographicallydefined, but is has a setting. It is essential to recognize thesetting of the community under survey (Kindig, Stoddart, 2003). PineMountain Community has a population of about 50,000 people. It is amixed race community comprising of Black Americans, whites, Hispanicsand mixed color people. Alarge number of the people are in theiryouth. Many are married and living with their families. There are oldpeople in this community but many of them live in centers for theaged because there is none of their relatives to look after them intheir homes. The community cannot be said to be a poor one. It ismade up of people who hold positions in various occupations.

Becausethe community is well informed, there are minimalhealth problems.There are hospitals where they get all the medical advice they wantabout their wellbeing. However, there are still health problems amongthe people that are mainly associated with their lifestyle. Thepeople in this community are busy through out the day and they lackenough time to prepare healthy meals at home. Therefore, they dependmainly on processed foods they buy from shops as they do not needtime to prepare (Schempf et al, 2012). In the end, these mealsdevelop problems in their bodies that are the main causesof deaths inthis area. This health problem is not unique to this area. Residentsof other cities and towns in the country also experience the sameproblems. Diseases related to lifestyle are the main concern forresidents of this community. The necessary details and informationneeded in order to have an understanding about the community can begathered from the governmentagencies in the area.


Thecommunity in Pine Mountain can be described as affluent. Therefore,it is a community where lack of food and other basic needs is notexperienced. The people have enough to eat and spend on otherluxuries. Nearly all the families have a car in the driveway. Thechildren therefore are driven to school or ride in theirschool buses.Because of the luxuriousexperienced here, many residentsarechallenged by body weight. Lack of physical activities force thepeople to look for other ways to reduceweight in their bodies or keepin shape (Chandra et al, 2004). There are jogging tracks where theresidents this area are seen exercisingwhen the day begins or laterin the evening. Most of the joggerstake their children and pets withthem for jogging. It is easy to observe the joggers while drivingalong. From the windshield surveys, it is possible to tell from thekind of houses in this area that people are well-off.

TheMain Problem

Thehealth of a community cannot be defined by the absence of diseasealone. It refers to a state in which the body, mind and spirit are inthe best condition. Italso refers to when aperson has control overwhat happens in their lives. The people inthis community can be saidto be health. They are able to live their purpose because the societythey live in provided the right environment for a person to beanything they want. However, the society in Pine Mountain has theproblem of lifestyle diseases(Chandra et al, 2004). Many people whoseek medical treatment have problems related to their lifestyle. Mostof these problems can be avoided if the people can adjust their livesby engaging in more physical activities. The kind of diet theyconsume is adirectcause of this problem.

Althoughpoor diet is the main cause for their health problems, they haveaccess to quality medical services. Most of the people have the meansto seek high quality medical attention inthe areaor even in otherplaces (Kindig et al, 2003). The authorities in the area have alsodone a lot to ensure the people get the best service in publichospitals. Therefore, the people do are able to deal with theirhealth issues effectively.

Inconclusion, Pine Mountain community has it needs like any other. Inorder to understand the nature and magnitude of their problems, it isnecessary to seek details about the community. It is not easy for thecommunity to agree on the most pressing problem. Therefore, whensearching for the most pressing problem to address, conducting asurvey is necessary (Schempf, et al, 2012). There are various methodsof conducting the survey and gathering the details one wants aboutthe problem at hand. Details about the society that may be necessaryfor this surveycan be found from the local authorities. The problemscan only be resolved after they are clearly identified. As a way ofdealing with the problem of excessive weight in the body, many peoplein the community engage in jogging activities. It helps them shedsome of the weight and maintain fitness.


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