College Career


Choosinga College career is one of the most daunting tasks in life, as onehas to take many factors into consideration. Earning a college degreeis not a guarantee to success but at least it could help cautionpeople who have some education. This is especially during tryingfinancial times like what happened a few years ago when the countrywent through a recession. Division and classification essays aredifferent in their own ways in that classification essays build up onthe themes mentioned in an essay while a divisional essay breakdowneach of the themes bought up in the essay(Nordquist 1).In this classification essay, the author will explain why thefollowing factors should be considered when choosing a collegecareer. The essay will look into the enjoyment, job description,opportunity for growth, salary and being good at what someone does asthe factors to consider when choosing a career in computerinformation technology.

Enjoyingwhat one does is one most crucial elements of success in a career. Asit is often said, when people love what they do, they never have towork a single day of their lives. Therefore, loving what one does isone the crucial elements and factors to consider before taking on acareer in college. One has not only to be passionate about what theydo but they have to be willing to do whatever it takes to besuccessful in their field of study. In other words, the job ceases tobecome work and becomes a part of somebody’s life.

Onealso has to consider the job description of the career. A jobdescription refers to what one is expected to do a daily basis whileat work. In other words, a job description outlines theresponsibilities of an employee at work. According to the role ofcomputer information technology workers, employees need to be goodwith numbers and have to understand various programming languages.Therefore, in addition to being goo with numbers, students or futureemployees have to enjoy learning new programming languages or haveenjoy solving problems.

Theworld of technology has unlimited possibilities and according to thebureau of labor and statistics the prospectus of growth in thecomputer related careers is still promising. The bureau of labor andstatistics suggests that the growth prospects for a career incomputer technology with a concentration in networking should be 15%which is much faster than the national average(Bureau of Labor Statistics 1).With the evolution of the internet, networking will definitely becomeof the most demanding services as having the internet will be anecessity. The internet has had a tremendous impact on how peopleshare and exchange communication but there is still room for growthin the industry as more companies and households are yet to beconnected to the internet. Therefore, the future growth of industrylooks promising considering that more gadgets and devices are beinginnovated and they will require to access the internet at some pointin their lifetime.

Onealso needs to consider the expected salary they need to earn whenchoosing a career. Larger salaries or more pay comes at a cost.Usually, the toughest courses in college come with the most demandingset of requirements. In other words, one should look beyond justenjoying their work, the future prospectus of the job growth and thejob description. One needs to consider if the juice is worth thesqueeze. In other words, one needs to consider if the hard task inthe job is worth the rewards given to them after their four or fiveyear stint in college. Computer technology experts make over $91,000on the average and their course in college takes about five years tocomplete(Bureau of Labor Statistics 1).In addition, the workers in the industry can earn more after gainingmore experience in the industry.

Finally,when choosing a career in college one has to consider whether theircareer in college allows them to become the best at what one does. Inother words, this factor takes into consideration the four previousfactors addressed in the essay. When choosing a career in college onehas to make sure that they not only enjoy what they do but alsoexpress themselves at work and turn their ideas in somethingproductive. In order for one to become the best at what they do, theymust love and enjoy what they do at work. This is another crucialelement to consider when choosing a career in computer informationwith a concentration in networking. A career in networking can alsobe broken down into either designing or architecture therefore, onecan focus their attention at which area they would like to specializein as far computer information technology is concerned.

Inconclusion, choosing a career in colleges goes beyond doing what oneenjoys, evaluating the future growth prospects of the job, having agood salary at the end of the year and being good at what somebodydoes. It is all about making a decision in life and working towardsthat goal. At the end of the day, choosing a job might not be an easytask but putting the hard work is what makes the difference.


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