CMST301 Final Exam


CMST301Final Exam

A.Short Answer (No more than 4 Words) – 5 Points each (Estimated time60 minutes)1.Whatis a graphic that appears to be animated?


2.Changesto society and cultures through technology are referred toas….?Technologicaldeterminism

3.Whatis the ability to protect IP referred to as?IngressProtection Marking

4.Whatare charts / graphics generally referred to as?Infographics

5.Onlinebusiness is generally referred to as…virtualcommerce

6.Ispeer to peer sharing of material illegal?


B.True/False 5 Points each (Estimated time 60 minutes).

1.Behavioral Targeting is a technique used by Social Media companies totrackpeople to your site. T2.An example of Microblogging is a Dailybooth post with the upload.T3.Oligopoly is the same as a monopoly but in the cyber world ofbusiness. F4.Keylogging is a way to track hackers by tracking their strokes T5.Bluesnarfing is the theft of information through wireless devices. T6. Crowd funding is the act of funding a product or project byraising money bycontributions by people via the internet. T7.Taking a picture of your self is a social media statement. T8. Hypothesis is a form of a qualitative descriptive researchon a subject, drawingconclusions using specific context fromdata. T9. API’s can assist with graphical user interfaces.T10.Emoticons and Emoji are the same except Emoji is the Japanese name.T

C.Essay (50 – 75 Words each answer) – 5 Points each (Estimated time60 minutes).

1.Whatis Digital Media? Provide a real-world example.

Itrefers to digitally compressed content such as photos, audio andvideos. The material changes into a format that is easy to play(render), manipulate and distribute using a computer. Suitableexamples of digital media include AVI, Windows Media Video (WMV),JPEG and MP3. It is often mistaken with printed version, but thedifference is that the encoded option is stored and distributedthrough computer networks. In contrast, print content can only beshred using hard copies (Jackson,2011).

2.Whatis API? Provide a real-world example.

Itis an abbreviation for applicationprogramming interface.It is a collection of commands, procedures and instruments requiredto make software programs. It defines the components of a program inrelation to outputs, inputs, operations and underlying concepts. Aprogrammer that intends to modify the function of a software canbegin by changing the command prompts he or she feeds to the APIduring assembly point. An example of an API the Simple DirectMediaLayer (SDL) that software developers use to make advanced computerprograms and games (Jackson,2011).

3.Whatvalue does an infographic provide?

Itis a visual presentation of knowledge, information and data requiredto display intricate information in a clear and fast manner. Some ofthe benefits the data presentation method offers to the users includebetter impression compared to printed words as it integratesmovement, images, content and colors. Second, one can understand thedisplayed information fast as he or she needs to scan the informationon display. Third, they are powerful search engine optimizationtools. The images attract traffic through creating a first impressionon the browsers, which makes them to click on URLs that redirect totarget landing pages (Costill,2014).

Essay(125– 250 Words each answer) – 5 Points (Estimated time 60minutes) 1.Whatis Web Technology? Define and provide two examples of web technologyand where is has been implemented.

Itis creation of a mechanism that facilitates connection orcommunication of computers in a given network. For example, manyoffices link their desktops with printers for expedient informationsharing. The strategies the web technology applies are varied andmultifaceted therefore, organizations often allocate an entiredepartment to take care of the operation (Balacheff,2009).

Theprimary benefit web technology provides include high speed andconvenient communication in a computer network. Regardless whetherit is in an office or a residential environment, a network makes theprocesses, which applies computer, quicker and easier compared to sset-up that does not apply the approach (Balacheff,2009).Another advantage s that an organization saves on operation costssince it can share data with affiliated businesses or staff in otherdepartments electronically instead of hiring a person to transferinformation from one location to the other. The efficiency thesystems create improves an organization’s performance substantially(Jackson,2011).

However,the system also comes with weaknesses such as a complex operationthat need technical knowhow to accomplish. A business needs a skilledtechnician to accomplish the task successfully. As a result, it isnecessary to hire an expert that specializes in the field. Second,networks make a computer system vulnerable to external attackspropagated by malicious persons (Balacheff,2009).The hits give the assailants capability to hijack control of systems,steal information or destroy the preserved information. In anutshell, security threat is a major consideration for businessesthat apply web technology. An example of web technology is GoogleAnalytics system that determines essential marketing information suchas the keywords that people mainly search online or the most widelyused products. Another common instrument is the JavaScript, which isa programming language used in the development of websites (Jackson,2011).


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