Civil War until Present Times

CivilWar until Present Times

Sincethe era of civil war, United States of America have truly struggledto be the country it is today. It has worked on various strategies todeal with political, social, and cultural aspects. For instance, inthe political perspective, United States has encouraged democracy. Inthe cultural aspect, it has come develop industrially to ensure mostpeople are stable. However, the most important, United States hasmaintained its social aspects. According to Crystal(n.p),when people are living in harmony, it is most important thing fordevelopment. Indeed, since civil war era, United States of Americahas come up with various strategies to deal with racial and religiousissues.

Accordingto Crystal(n.p), Martin Luther King Jr played a significant role to fightagainst racism in America. He came up with Civil Rights Movementwhose main aim was to fight for equal rights for all citizens inregardless of their skin colour. The movement operated for severalyears fighting for the rights of African-American people that existedamong the white citizen. The civil right activists advocated for therights a black to sit in a public place without segregation or applyfor any job without fear. According to Martin Luther Jr, “Injusticeanywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Unfortunately, therewas a lot of bloodshed of the African-American people and the civilright activities. The American embraced the African-Americans whosupported them, though as second-class citizens. In 1964, the CivilRights Movement achieved their goal after Civil Rights Act 1964 waspassed. Indeed, Barack Obama, a black president in United States isclear evidence there are no racial discriminations. Without civilrights movement and activists such as Martin Luther actions andefforts, it is doubtful whether United States could be the way it istoday. Essentially, President Obama is part Civil Rights Movementlegacy. The movement opened paths for the future generations ofAfrican-American to enjoy same equality and freedom as any otherwhite citizen. Today, the African-American can get the same jobs asthe whites, shop in the same supermarket, or use the same restaurantwithout discrimination. Up to date, the Civil Rights Act 1964 is veryfunctional, and it imposes legal consequences to those whodiscriminate based on colour, religion, gender, sexuality, ethnicity,or country of origin. Actually, the Civil Rights Act 1964 is one ofthe most significant legal documents in America.

Beforethe civil war, the Declaration of Independence stated that all menwere equal. However, this did not apply to black people held inslavery. After the civil war, the amendments were made to theconstitution whereby slavery was prohibited, and everyone born inUnited States acquired citizenship (Crystaln.p).The law also gave all citizens equal rights, including voting rightin regardless of the race.

Today,America is still fighting against racism and religious prejudice. Forinstance, the White House banned racial and religious profiling. Someyears back, the Obama administration issued guidelines to prohibitfederal enforcement. It had been realised that people were profilingbased on race, religion, national origin, gender, and othercharacteristics. As a result, there was much discrimination. Thepolicy was also expected to expand other guidelines that were earlierestablished during Bush Administration. Unfortunately, there areracist organisations such as British National Party and Ku Klux Klanwith strong following. However, against one racist organisation,there are several anti-racists movement fighting racism andprejudice. In the end, the anti-racist organisations are the mostpowerful.


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