China in the World War II

Chinain the World War II

China,which is located in southern Asia, was greatly involved in themonumental Second World War. Nearly all countries were involved inthis war with many forming alliances against their enemies. China hadbeen battling Japan since 1931 when Manchuria was invaded andoccupied by Japanese army. The war progressed and became intense in1937 when the leader of China devoted his best army to fight againstthe Japanese. The Chinese government wanted to prove that they wereable to defend themselves against all enemies. Allies such as theAmericans volunteered to help China, but not as aggressively asexpected.

Withthe attack of the Pearl Harbor, the event that prompted the SecondWorld War, Americans decided to support China wholly so as to defeatJapan. This attack damaged the American fleet severely even though itwas for a shirt time. In turn, America decided to fight Japan hence,it was willing to ally with all the enemies of Japan, especiallyChina that had been on war with it for a long time. America made adecision to fund China to fight against its main enemy. This decisionwas reached because Japan had proved to be an enemy of Japan.Therefore, any attempt to fight the Japanese was good for America.

Onthe other hand, China agreed to fight Germany even though the twocountries maintained a warm relationship. Since America funded China,the enemies of America became the enemies of China as well. Thisexplains why China agreed to go to war with Americans againstGermany. For the better part of the war, most of china’s resourcessuch as urban centers and industrial resources were occupied byJapan. This means that it suffered great losses all the time andneeded a more stable country to fund it. It can be argued thatAmerica collaborated with the China hoping to make Japanese armyweak. America provided China with the needed resources such asweapons and tactics to fight Japan so it would have an easy avenue.When Japan realized that, it started to withdraw its troops fromchina so it would go to war with the Americans. On realizing this,America created and dropped an atomic bomb that would make Japansurrender to China. This strengthened the bond between China andAmerica.

Chinaand America fought jointly until they won the war against the Japanand Germany. However, it left so many people dead and others injured.It is estimated that 17 million civilians died from the war notforgetting the 3.2 million casualties. This did not shake china sinceit was a highly populated country. The war left the country in adevastating state of economy. Nonetheless, with time, it rose back onits feet and participated greatly in the United Nations council.

Inconclusion, China played an essential part in the Second World War.Through the help of America, it was able to emerge victorious againstits war with the Japan. It can be argued that America collaboratedwith China for its own selfish gains. The American leader knew thatif it defeated Japan, the county had one more enemy eliminatedwithout much ado. On the other hand, China needed the resources tofight Japan that had proved to be strong. This may be regarded asmutual relationship, but it is clear that China suffered much morethan America during this war (Mitter 7).


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