Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlieand the Chocolate Factory

The importance of the movie industry cannot be understated as far asthe progress of the society in almost every other aspect isconcerned. Indeed, the movie industry has moved beyond itstraditional roles of simply entertaining and taken up other functionssuch as educating and shaping the course of society. More often thannot, the themes incorporated in movies and films are derived from thesociety and, like those of other literary works, are aimed at callingthe attention of the audience to some ills and outlining thenecessity of changing. However, different movies perform in differentways in different platforms. Indeed, it is common for movies that arerated highly in one platform on a particular aspect to be rated in adifferent way in another platform on the same aspect. This is thecase for the movie “Charlieand the Chocolate factory”.

Inthe movie, a reclusive candy mogul called Willy Wonka has come backfrom hiding and announced a contest where a total of five goldentickets are to be enclosed in candy bars and are to be sold acrossthe globe. Individuals that find the tickets are to be supplied withchocolate for perpetuity, as well as tour his mysterious factory.Charlie manages to find one of the tickets and, therefore, visits thefactory alongside four other winners. However, the other four areovercome by their bratty instincts, in which case Charlie is the onlyremaining child by the end of the tour. He eventually passes thefinal test and is rewarded with the chocolate factory.

However,different reviewers have rated the movie differently on varyingplatforms. According to Common Sense Media, the movie score lowly asfar as the incorporation of positive messages is concerned. Thisemanates from the fact that a number of parents and kids arerepeatedly unpleasant, narcissistic and rude. This is also the casefor language as the reviewers feel that the language used in themovie may not be appropriate for its mostly young audience. There aresome curse words such as “hell”. One of the areas where the moviescores highly is with regard to violence and scariness. Indeed, someemotional and physical abuses pertaining to mean children areportrayed in the movie. For instance, Willy had mildly scaryflashbacks pertaining to his dentist father who had a horribleheadgear for his braces.

However,Rotten Tomatoes had a different way of evaluating or rather ratingthe movie. In its rating meter called “Tomatometer”,the movie scored 82 percent, which implies that the movie was wellappreciated and received in the market and by the audience. Thismeasurement takes into consideration the reviews of the users and therating that it they give the movie. It may be noted that a total of222 reviews had been counted, with 183 of them rating it highly(fresh) while the rest saw it as bogus or poorly produced (rotten).The critics conceded that the movie was considerably closer to thesource material compared to other versions of the same. However, withregard to the audience score, the movie scored averagely at only 51%,in which case it does not fare badly as far as reviews from theaudience is concerned. Nevertheless, given that the audience reviewsand critique is bound to highlight the areas that the movie performedbadly, it is imperative that the producers take them positively forfuture reference.


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