Cause and Effect of Midsummer Night Dreams Outline

Causeand Effect of Midsummer Night Dreams


  1. Thesis: the paper aims at identifying the cause and effects in the play, the “Midsummer Night Dreams,” written by the renowned William Shakespeare.

  2. Brief description of the play and how it was performed plus the characters in it.

  3. The Duke of Athens

  4. Hippolyta

  1. Cause

Thissection brings out the reason or the theme of the play which is donethrough analysis of the character behaviors of the actors.

  1. Degradation of women.

  2. Ancient Athenian rights

  3. The Duke

  4. The Festival

  5. Enacted laws

  6. Marriage

  1. Effect

Thissection, expresses the effects of the cause established in thepreceding paragraph.

  1. The reaction of Hermia

  2. The law

  3. Hermia’s freedom

  1. Summary

The“causeof midsummer night dreams”a play by William Shakespeare, are many depending on the perspectivethe reader takes. The main cause here is the degradation of women.Therefore, in midsummer night dreams, the first scene opens withTheseus the Duke of Athens doing preparation for a large festivalbecause of his imminent marriage to Hippolyta. In the middle of thisEgeus, the father of Hermia a nobleman walks in with a problem thathis daughter is refusing to marry according to his wishes Demetriushis preference but instead wants to marry Lysander (Shakespeare 20).The degradation of women here is evident with the father requestingfor the ancient Athenian right to either kill her daughter or makeher marry Demetrius. The degradation exhibited here is very ingrainedthat a woman is not able to make a decision on her own neither shedoes not have a choice in a matter concerning her own self. The setattitude of the father by coming to the Duke of Athens with only twochoices is therefore cementing the cause, degradation of women inthat particular era.


Thedegradation of women is further exhibited by the manner the Duke ofAthens Theseus handles the conflict between the parent Egeus and thedaughter Hermia. The father came, requesting only two rightsaccording to the ancient Athenian rights however Hermia is onlygiven three choices that she must leave her love Lysander and marryDemetrius, join a nunnery or be put to death. The abruptness of thisdecision is including the total finality shown just joins in thereality of how women were degraded. The Duke is organizing a festivaltherefore he dispenses with the problem so fast to free himself tocontinue with his preparations. The gravity of the decision by theDuke is not applied to the woman but it is convenient to the men bythe time allocated to Hermia to decide in four days time (Shakespeare90). The two males have a clear sense of right over the female thatis not considerate of the female gender having a mind of their own.The request for the ancient Athenian right further shows how thesociety enacted laws to guard against women having a provision tofight back. The two suitors accompanying the father to the Duke ofAthens also exhibit a society that has cemented the degradation ofwomen.


Nowwe have established the cause to be degradation of women in theMidsummer Night Dreams then the effect of this cause needs to beexamined. The reaction of Hermia to this ultimatum is the effect.Hermia accompanying her father also with the suitors indicates thatperhaps she considers the law to defend her. However, the discoverythat the law is against her the oppressed makes her decide to elopewith Lysander. Degradation of women causes the women to struggleagainst this kind of one-sided society with Hermia eloping is a wayof this. The effect of the midsummer night dreams is the discovery byHermia to free herself is by her own choices she must exercise. Infinding herself, she seeks independence from authoritative and sexualconflicts of other people loading over her. The society is somasculine that the females are stifled within it. The action ofleaving and going to the forest is the taking of her first step tofree herself and this is an effect of the midsummer night dreams.


Theplay has the main cause of degradation of women shown by the wholenarrative involving Hermia although their other sub-plots within theplay like friendship ties over love exist. The main cause is whatrevolves around Hermia because when you lose it, the other sub-plotslose relevance. This is also applicable to the effect where everycharacter is making a decision based on the cause.


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