Case Study-Open Table

CaseStudy-Open Table

CaseStudy-Open Table


Opentable has been in the reservations industry for close to 13 years,and they have a wealth of knowledge in this industry. The companyalso has a customer base of over 20,000 restaurants and has helpedover 200 million diners, make hotel reservations. These customers areusually very satisfied with the software since it is easy to use andhelps restaurants to streamline operations. Restaurants that havealready invested in the software also avoid switching costs, whichresults in changing from one reservation management package toanother.


Restaurantshave been slow to realize the potential and the power of theinternet. The restaurant industry is also very highly fragmented andis made up of over 30,000 independent restaurant owners or groups.The reservation system has to be always online and also has to meetthe demands of the customers who want to book hotels in another city.The system has to have hotels in the city, which their customerstravel too.


Thecompany made sure that their software was user-friendly and embarkedon a door-to-door marketing strategy. They implemented a door-to-doorsales force that targeted high-end restaurants. They also embracedinnovation and have mobile phone applications that allow customers tobook hotels using their phones.


Restaurantslike the SaaS model since their customers do not have to download orinstall the software on their computers they can just access thesoftware online. The SaaS model also allows restaurants to builddiner databases. This helps them in guest recognition as well andhelps them target their guests using email marketing. The model alsoallows customers to find dinner tables in real time. The model hasproved to be fast and efficient.


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