Capital Punishment in Texas



Despite the controversiessurrounding the death penalty in the United States, the Supreme Courtlifted its suspension in 1978. Since then, Texas is the leading statein capital punishment. It executes more inmates that any other statein the country. The high executions in Texas can be compared to thestate of Virginia. There are several reasons why the case of Texas isdifferent from other states. The most important factor is thedistinctive adjudication system in Texas, which increases thelikelihood of individuals being sentenced to capital punishment. Itis also important to note that each state makes its own laws relatingto capital punishment (Sorensen &amp Pilgrim, 2006).

Proponents of capitalpunishments in Texas have argued that it is one of the solutions tothe overwhelming number of inmates in the American correctionalfacilities. They also argue that it is an effective way of deterringcapital crimes in the state. However, capital punishment has receivedopposition throughout the world. This is because is inhuman, crueland violates the natural right to life (Mandery, 2011). Capitalpunishment results into a state propagated revenge mentality in thesociety. The state of Texas has invested heavily in the handling ofdeath raw inmates, which includes separate housing facilities. Thisis expensive and does not solve the problem of unmanageable number ofinmates. Capital punishment is also disastrous in cases where anindividual is convicted wrongly due to insufficient exoneratingevidence or wrong judgments. There are other effective methods suchas life imprisonment that can be used as an alternative to capitalpunishment (Lambrert, 2004). Therefore, although the Texas and otherstates continue to exercise capital punishment, it is wrong andshould be abolished.


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