Briefing Note





This note aims to inform the minister about an alarming issue whichif not addressed will see our water bodies become polluted and thuspoisonous to human and other biological organisms. Water is life andwithout water, people will die it is, therefore, the obligation ofevery one of us to act by putting an end to the dumping.

Background Information

Research conducted indicates that the number of tons damped in waterbodies every year is more than 180 million. This hazardous mine wastethreatens vital water bodies such as rivers, oceans and lakes. Asthese continue we continue losing our marine animals, and the riversare no longer flowing clear water rather the color has changed to redand farmers can no longer use this water for farming (Monroe &ampWicander, 2012). Even though, there are safer options for miningcompanies, they are still reluctant to do so.

Current Situation

Several reform groups have splint up to raise their voices on thematter. However, the only one of the biggest mining companies as ofnow have taken safety measure to stop polluting the water by dumpingthere the rest continues to do so. The saddest part is the fact thatsome mining companies have tendencies of dumping into other country`swater an action that might even lead to international conflict. Eventhough there are laws for our country prohibiting damping,amendment`s loopholes and exemption continue to allow the dumping tooccur.

Key Considerations

As of now there is no feasible technology that can be used intreating polluted water and partial cleaning the rivers` lakes andocean are very expensive. The one workable solution in this matter isthat the mining companies ought to be prohibited from dumping thewaste in water bodies. The rational thing for the mining companies todo, in this case, is the place back the waste into the empty minesrather than leave them empty.

Corporate sustainability calls for mining company to show concernabout the environment, and these ought to begin with them notdisposing of in our rivers, oceans or lakes. Because damping heredestroys not only the natural water bodies but also has a tremendousimpact on the ecosystem.

The role of the government in matters to do with pollution should beprecise. It is the obligation of the government to ensure no matterthe potential profits to be generated as a result of mining humanlife must be preserved at all cost.


My recommendations on the matter are that the government incollaboration with mining should sit to discuss and come up withamicable solution on the issue. With rules set, mining companies willbe made to adapt to precautionary measures thus ensuring that nomining wastes ends up in our water bodies. For too long, the miningcompanies have continued to use the water bodies as their wish andthis cannot go on the government should implement laws that helppreserve the most valuable natural resource: water. Anotherrecommendation I would make is that the mining companies try as muchas possible to return the land as the found this can be attained bydamping they waste back to the old mines. In doing so, they will havekilled one bird with one stone: not dumping in water bodies andreforming the land.


Monroe, J. S., &amp Wicander, R. (2012). The changing earth:Exploring geology and evolution. Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole.