Blood for Sale

Bloodfor Sale

Bloodfor Sale

TheTampa guy Sol Levin, who also led to the development of the saidblood selling company, the plasma international was an entrepreneurin his own. The fact that blood can be recommended as a commodity oras any other good is not correct. Blood is personal property as itmay be referred and should not really be traded for money. It has tobe given at a good will to those who are really in need of it. SolLevin became unfair by going further to the rural West Africa to seekfor blood for the business. He knew that the Africans could get inthe deal easily where he and his associates could buy it at as lessas fifteen cents and making a profit of more than 100% by selling itat $25. That was so inhuman to that international company. Theyshould follow the trend of the national health service of the GreatBritain in order to keep off the acts.

Thethoughts of the woman who was a machine operator should be followedwhere individuals who have really the heart to give their blood goand seek for those people who are in need of the blood. The highblood rates sold by the plasma international made it difficult forthe hemophiliacs in the USA to enjoy their life since it was allabout buying the blood. The USA government should make a ban on theselling of blood. This sale is just made to benefit individuals whowant to become tycoons of the world. Blood should only be given atones will and be given to those who are really In need of it ratherthat making profits from them. After all, some of the blood that isbought can have contaminations.


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