Black in Latin America

Blackin Latin America


Blackin Latin America

Directed by Louis Gates, the movie explores how the Latin America hassocially constructed race as well as how the troubled history of thecountries apprises notions on racial arrangement. This series,explores Haiti and the Dominican Republic and tells the story of theslaves and the creation of the first republics. However, the slaves’hard battled liberation became a thorn as external forces and theleaders of the countries created dictatorial tendencies. In fact, theseries shows how the rule of Francois Duvalier commonly known as‘Papa Doc’ was notoriously corrupt and autocratic.

Gates (2011) explores the political activities that Duvalier promotedbefore becoming the president and upon his election democraticcountries such as America supported his rule. In the openingperformance of the series, Gates shows how Duvalier argued for theneed for a dynamic man to maintain authority and stability in Haiti.In fact, Gates (2011) asserts that Duvalier dismissed democracy as aconstruct and ruled Haiti brutally. Surprisingly, the Americangovernment supported his government even as he put his nemesis in theinfamous Fort Dimanche, where most died. Duvalier resisted bothdomestic and foreign challenges and intensified his campaign ofterror throughout the country causing talented Haitian to flee thecountry. Gates (2011) shows how the draft of a new constitution ledto the fall of major structures of the country such as education andhealth as well as the brain drain of people. Siphoning of publicmoney and malnutrition became prevalent during his rule withthousands of people dead. In addition, Gates (2011) shows howDuvalier resisted foreign criticism as well as challenged theDominican Republic, US, and Cuba, which left the country with fewpolitical allies. As such, the series shows Duvalier as a dictatorand a ruler who pushed Haiti down the inflation path.


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