Biochemistry Citation Style

CHEM 352: Experimental Biochemistry Spring 2015

BiochemistryCitation Style


  1. Corrections. Additions in green type and cross out with red for text to be deleted.

  2. Type/s of chromatography described in each paper.

  1. Carson, S.D., and Chapman, N.M. (2001) Coxsackievirus and aAdenovirus rReceptor (CAR) bBinds iImmunoglobulins,. Biochem. 2001, 40(48), 14324–14329.

  2. Chromatography: affinity chromatography

  1. Noland, B.W., and Baldwin, T. O. (2003) Demonstration of Two Independently Folding Domains in the α Subunit of Bacterial Luciferase by Preferential Ligand Binding-Induced Stabilization,.Biochemistry. 2003, 42, pp. 3105–3112.

  2. Chromatography: Limited proteolysis and anion exchange chromatography

  1. Johnson, D. L. Thompson, J. L.Brinkmann, S. M.Schuller, K. A. Martin, L. L. Electrochemical characterization of purified Rhusverniciferalaccase: voltammetric evidence for a sequential four-electron transfer,. Biochemistry . 2003, 42, 10229–10237.

  2. Chromatography: Cation- and anion-exchange chromatography

  1. Catucci, L.,Depalo, N., Lattanzio, V.M.T.,Agostiano, A., and Corcelli, A. (2004)Biochemistry. 2004, 43, 15,066–15,072.

  1. Chromatography: High-performance thin-layer chromatography

  1. Vermeiren, Christie C.L., Pluym, Mark, Mack, M. M.John, Heinrichs, H.David, E., and Stillman, Martin M. J. (2006) Characterization of the heme binding properties of Staphylococcus aureus IsdA, . Biochemistry. 2006, 45, 12867.

  2. Chromatography: Gel filtration chromatography


Francisco, U. o. (2006). References. In S. D. Janet, S. Leah, &amp M. Paula, The ACS Style Guide (pp. 287-341). Washington, DC: American Chemical Society.

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